Posted by Sashee Chandran

Living up to our TeaDrops Mission to spread the enjoyment and love of tea to people all over the world sustainably and compassionately, we are making the transition to compostable clear bags to individually wrap each TeaDrop (that goes in each box). Durable like traditionally poly bags, these compostable ones are derived from plants and compost to create an eco-friendly alternative that is food safe and durable.

Say goodbye to tea bags, plastics, and tea tins! By offering a 100% compostable wrapping alternative, TeaDrops is one of the most sustainable tea options out there; from the TeaDrops themselves, to our compostable box packaging, and now our compostable clear wrappers. We are excited to live and breathe our mission, and we thank you all for being a part of this wondrous journey with us.

Pick up your 100% Eco-Friendly Box of TeaDrops now!


Sashee Chandran


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