Posted by Sashee Chandran


This Friday, we are officially launching our new tea selection Chocolate Earl Grey as part of our Fall tea lineup. Earlier in Spring, I had come back from a long day and sat down with freshly brewed Earl Grey tea in one hand and my favorite Toblerone chocolate bar in another. As I was devouring these two treats, I noticed in that instant how wonderfully the Earl Grey bergamot flavor complimented the chocolate. They felt like the perfect pair that were meant to be reunited.


The rest of my tea break took a different course from my original intention to clear my mind. Instead my mind went rampant on the thought of Chocolate as a tea! Could that work? And if it did, how could we naturally infuse the chocolate flavor. I refused to use anything artificial. After hours of researching, I decided that nothing would suffice except going straight to the natural chocolate source: raw & organic cacao powder.

Raw and organic cacoa powder is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. And if you haven't noticed, it is also insanely delicious! I spent hours in the kitchen working with the proportion of raw cacao and our classic fair trade & organic earl grey. There is a perfect yin and yang between the two that needs to be reached. One that is rich and bold, but not heavy or bitter. 

Throughout the creation process, we relied on months of feedback from our TeaDrops community to let us know we were on the right track. We would send out tea samples weekly and had a mini-taste survey set up for the feedback loop. With each round of feedback more iterations were made on this unique tea blend. It was a true community creation! 

Finally, we have landed on a tea blend that I'm incredibly proud of. You'll notice the tea may take departure from traditional teas. With the addition of raw cacao powder, you'll notice a richer, slighly creamier tea texture and a smooth aftertaste of the bergamot essence. It's like a decadent chocolate drink without the heaviness (or the calories!). It is the perfect sweet treat kick in the afternoon, pairs well with dessert,  or is a perfect dessert on its own. 

Stay tuned for Friday chocolate lovers, you and your chocolate loving friends will not be disappointed! 


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