Posted by Sashee Chandran

Drinking tea is so much more than simply an act, it's an experience. We gravitate towards that wonderful cup of flavor and sweetness to seek solace from a bustling world, relax, or perhaps even soothe a cold. Simply put, tea is good for the body, heart, and soul.

Did you know that you don't have to just drink tea to enjoy its many benefits? In fact, you might be surprised to learn that tea can help cure everything from a bleeding finger to a tough steak. We've compiled our top ten favorite unusual, frugal, and ingenious uses for our favorite beverage for you below. 

10 Delightful Uses For Tea You Haven't Tried Yet

  1. It relieves painful sunburns! Make a very strong batch of black tea (approximately 2 bags to each 1 cup of hot water) and allow it to cool. Apply with a dipped cloth and leave for 15 minutes at a time for pain relief and to help make the burn disappear faster.
  2. Green tea helps soothe and purify inflammation. Brew a cup and dip cotton swabs into the cooled liquid to apply to sensitive and acne-prone skin. It's a wonderful and cost-effective alternative to toner, don't you think?
  3. Tea is a great deodorizer. Place teabags in stinky shoes or fridges and the leaves will absorb the smell.
  4. Plant a garden! Tea leaves sprinkled into the soil and around the roots are a great natural fertilizer and help plants absorb moisture.
  5. Clean a toilet without using harsh chemicals. Simply drop a few black teabags into the bowl, let them work their magic for a few hours, flush, and voila! A spotless toilet.
  6. Apply a dry black teabag to small cuts to help stop bleeding—even cuts with moderate bleeding! With a bit of pressure on the area, the caffeine in the tea constricts the blood vessels.
  7. Prepare the perfect steak. Simply add black tea (approximately 4-6 bags to 1 cup of hot water) to your favorite marinade mixture. The tea will also enrich your meat with an earthy flavor.
  8. Make luxurious eye compresses with chilled teabags. Chamomile soothes sore eyes while the caffeine in blends like Earl Grey and green tea constricts under-eye blood vessels responsible for swelling and puffiness.
  9. Peppermint tea makes a refreshing and effective mouthwash. A cooled cup—strengthened as you wish—contains natural menthol and antiseptics that help relieve inflammation and sore gums.
  10. Rub a used damp black teabag on cast iron kitchenware all over after each use to help prevent rust. The tannins in the tea make a natural protective layer over the surface of your pot or pan.

You always knew that tea was already practically perfect in every way. Now, it's official. If you ever find yourself deserted on a desert island, be sure to stash a box of tea.







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