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Anyone who has owned a pet will tell you the joy and fulfillment these furry companions can bring to your life. After all, the saying goes, “pets are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.” Pets distract us from our hectic lives and are always there to warm our laps and our hearts. In fact, research shows that from heart disease to anxiety, pets can really enhance the lives of their owners.

Likewise, a well-made cup of tea can go quite far when it comes to warming your soul and re-energizing your spirit. There is something incredibly therapeutic about sipping a cup of your favorite blend, which in itself provides a wealth of naturally-occurring antioxidants and nutrients. If numbers interest you, tea contains over 4,000 compounds that benefit the human body.

Needless to say, existing together in perfect harmony, pets and tea serve an important and healthy purpose in our lives, enhancing our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Amping Up Your Workout, Naturally

You may already have heard that green tea is great for helping boost weight loss. This is all thanks to the catechins (that’s a fancy term for antioxidants) naturally found in green tea that speeds up metabolism and increases muscle endurance during workouts.

Many dog owners cite being more inspired and motivated to get outside and be consistently active due to their four-legged furry friend. Taking a pet for regular walks and runs are not only great for their health, but they do owners a great deal of good, too. Working out with your dog is fantastic because it motivates you to stay on a consistent schedule, getting you out into the fresh air and sunshine for a daily stroll. Not to mention, these outdoor adventures afford great bonding moments between pets and their people, enriching their lives and increasing their happiness, as well as yours.

As purveyors of well-made portable tea, we just have to add: imagine the enhanced benefit of walking your dog while sipping on some iced tea (perhaps flavored with your favorite fruit). Now, that’s some smart multitasking!

Heart Healthy

Green tea is good for the heart, as research shows that it helps to reduce cardiovascular disease and may even lower the risk of cancer. Tea drinkers in these studies sipped three to ten cups of tea a day, but given that tea is the second-most popular beverage worldwide, with only water before it, it’s not an entirely uncommon practice. 

Snuggle time with kitty also causes some major changes in the human body, all for good. During cuddle sessions, cortisol levels, a hormone responsible for stress, lowers. Meanwhile, serotonin levels—responsible for mood-lifting—levels soar. Pet owners also exhibit lower blood pressure than those who do not have animals in their households, citing studies where petting a dog lowered blood pressure in children with hypertension.

Here’s an idea: Feed your mind, body, and spirit during your next snuggle with Whiskers. Grab your favorite novel, prepare a cup of your favorite tea, and invite your pet to join you on a relaxing, sensory adventure. 

Rest and Relaxation

A cup of chamomile tea before bed is a part of many tea drinkers’ nighttime routines due to an herb it contains—a chemical called chrysin—which reduces anxiety and stress.

Owning a pet may help those dealing with and recovering from depression as the act of petting and snuggling a loyal companion helps with bonding. Investing in walking and caring for an animal helps people focus on an external source and develops goal orientation.

All in all, it turns out that the combination of pets and teatime adds up to more than just adorable photos of baby bunnies peeking out of teacups (Still, if that’s something you’d like to see, just click here. In the name of many years of enjoyment with our beloved pets and many cups of our favorite tea, let’s hear it for your overall health and happiness.


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