Posted by Sashee Chandran

When a Zen master makes a pot, a teapot or a cup, he pours his meditation into it, he pours his nothingness into it; he has nothing else. He pours his joy, his silence, his prayer into it. Then it has a different quality, it has a different vibe.



When I sit down to drink a cup of tea, it is often the time during which I reflect upon the moments and the people who bring me joy. As I rejuvenate my spirit with a warm cup of my favorite brew, fond memories and the wonderful people who have made my life a happy one—in big ways and small—dance through my head. While I am happy for the introspection, I would feel even better if I could reach out to those people and express my gratitude for how they’ve positively impacted me. Above all, in these quiet moments I feel absolutely compelled to pay kindness forward, to share my bliss with those around me.

This month, I am challenging myself as well as our entire community to do just this. In the spirit of this grateful season, I will be expressing my thanks and spreading joy to at least one person a day. I urge each of you to take on this endeavor (let’s share our moments with #thankfulseason), and here are some ways I am planning to enact my goal:

  • Leave love notes —There’s nothing quite like a small handwritten note of thanks, affection, or cheer. It can truly brighten someone’s day in a huge way. Leave them tucked into pockets, in lunch boxes, or stuck to bathroom mirrors, for instance.
  • Take to social media —We all spend a great deal of our day on our social accounts. Make that time matter with a  tweet or a photo on  Instagram. It is a great way to celebrate someone in your life.
  • Get artistic—Craft a card especially for someone you know—or perhaps you don’t—with a cheerful or inspirational quote and deliver it to them the old-fashioned way. You’ll create a keepsake for a friend or stranger that will be sure to keep them smiling.
  • Gesture of kindness—Pay for a stranger’s beverage in line, cover the bridge toll of the car behind you, or donate to your favorite cause. These small gestures of generosity are always a way to warm your heart and those around you.
  • Take tea—Sharing a cup of tea with a friend or stranger is one of the oldest and most delicious ways to spread joy and happiness.
  • TeaDrop a note—Attach an inspirational quote or a happy message to a TeaDrop and leave it for a friend or stranger to enjoy. Not only will they relish the message, they’ll enjoy a wonderful cup of wellbeing on you.

I look forward to embracing the spirit of the season with you and hope you will all join me on this mission of kindness and thankfulness.


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