Announcing Optional Gift Wrapping!

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Here at TeaDrops, we are constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate our practices and products, from the inside out.

We recently came together for a relaxing, inspiring, and productive brunch focused on you—our wonderful community—and how we can build and develop your TeaDrops experience. We want it to be a rewarding one that fosters your happiness and wellness.

With this in mind, one of the changes we have just implemented in our shop is to offer the option of gift wrapping your TeaDrops. Previously, all TeaDrops came to you dressed in complimentary gift wrapping. In the interest of reducing our footprint, we have decided to let each of you tell us if you’d like yours wrapped up or if you’d prefer to save some resources and receive your TeaDrops in either their wooden or compostable box. Both box options are gorgeous and so if you aren’t gifting your TeaDrops (and we fully support self-gifting!), this may be a choice you’d like.

You’ll still select your TeaDrops in the shop as usual. Now, though, when you view your cart, you’ll see an additional option: “Gift Wrapping: Add.”

Posted by Erin Schwartz

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