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Last Thursday, I wrapped up an exciting day at the entrepreneurship expo at UC Berkeley called The Social Impact representing Tea Drops! Initially, I was both excited and confused to be invited by its host, SIGMA ETA PI. Excited because I knew Tea Drops would resonate with college students, and yet confused because the essence of the expo centered around companies that have not only adapted to the digital world, but also to social needs. And well, in case it wasn't clear...I sell tea. 

In fact, the majority Every one of my neighbors at the expo was a really cool tech start-up--- from a mobile app that enables different smart devices to connect peer-to-peer without an internet connection, to a crowdfunding journalism platform. And I  found it funny that amidst all of this budding technological innovation, I was repping a commodity that has virtually been consumed and traded the same way for at least a couple hundred years (if not thousands). Captivating, huh? 

That's at least how it looked like on the surface. But the fact is, I knew Tea Drops belonged there just as much as any other company. With fierce passion, we are rethinking the art of tea! We are innovating a ritual/process  that really hasn't seen much change since its birth. And while may not have started as"digital", our online community is a powerhouse building and contributing beautiful shared content and experiences through the love of tea. 

The difficult part would be standing out to students amidst the massive appeal of these sexy start-ups! Well it turns out that giving free tea anything works well with college students! It may have been the "free" that lured them, but the taste and our passion made them stay! I was excited to see how many younger generation tea drinkers there are!! And beyond loving the tea, I was even more thrilled that students could see the vision for Tea Drops -- our community, our purpose, and our drive for the best tea experience, period. While I wasn't expecting a ton of resumes given our infancy and general non-techness (yes, made up word) we received a lot of them-- and I know that's because students really are tapped into our passion and ambitions to serve the world through the platform of tea. 

Interestingly, we also made some waves with the faculty in the building who were constantly bringing colleague after colleague by, many who wanted to purchase Tea Drops right there and then. And so, you had this huge spectrum of ages crowding around the Tea Drops table, and thoroughly enjoying the shared experience of tea -- just as it should be.

Thank you to Kishan and Sigma Eta Pi for having me, I had a wonderful time and was thoroughly impressed with the curiosity, passion, and self-awareness of all of the students.

Can you spot Tea Drops? 


Getting enticed by "free" :) 


And yet, still staying around to "talk tea" and learn about the Tea Drops philosophy




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