TeaDrops Ambassadors: Photography & Writing Inspiration

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Tips for our Photographers: 

  • How To Create Beautiful & Sharp iPhone Photos from A Beautiful Mess

    Professional blogger Elsie Larson shares her tips and secrets for creating beautiful photographical works of art with the strategic help of just her camera phone and some very useful (and free) editing apps. Lighting, filters, and simply remembering to clean your camera lens before snapping away are some of the tricks of the trade to remember the next time you're lining up your TeaDrops-inspired photoshoot.

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  • 5 Tips for Food Photography from A Beautiful Mess

    This time, natural light is the name of the game. Try to minimize the use of filters so that your audience can see the textures and nuances of the food you're capturing--it definitely makes each shot look more delectable and true to life. Working all angles and adding garnish and decoration to your cup of tea can also create a Tumblr-friendly and pretty shot.

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Here are some wonderful works from Photography Ambassador Lydia this past month!


Tips for our Writers: 

  • Pick a theme: Whether it's celebrating the spirit of a season or inspired by something you found on Pinterest, having a theme for your writing helps keep writer's block at bay. It also helps to develop your voice so that your audience can find you, relate, and stay relevant to what you want to express. I love the ebb and flow of the seasons or even the simple routine of the days of the week and tend to use these as a great starting point for brainstorming writing ideas. 

  • Life mirrors art: When used with delicacy, tact, and with attention to ethics, writing from the occurrences in our own lives can be a wonderfully personal and therapeutic way to express yourself through the experience of tea to our "communitea." Just as sharing a cup of tea with a friend (new or old) encourages sharing stories and experiences, so does the act of sitting down to write a blog post or personal essay. 
  • Less is more: Sometimes, if you think that you've got the monumental task of penning the next great American novel, the idea of writing is so overwhelming that no creation happens at all. Keep in mind that blog posts and things that can be happily and easily shared on social media are often short and sweet. This should help keep that motivation up, creativity fresh, and your ideas flowing.

We are so lucky to have creative and socially-conscious Ambassadors representing the TeaDrops community--and tea lovers in general--across the country. I hope that this guide has inspired you to share your love of tea and the world even more. We can't wait to see your creations!

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