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I'm just going to come out and say it. Canada is a beautiful place. I know this because I visited one of its 10 providences, British Columbia, as a young girl with my family. I remember being absolutely entranced with the verdant landscapes. I loved visiting pubs and enjoying the classic architecture that makes Vancouver and Victoria, the two places I visited, almost magical. One memory in particular stands apart from the rest, however, and that is my experience having Afternoon Tea in Victoria. And as we honor our first Canadian order, I'd like to share this wonderful (and tasty) national tradition with you all.

The quintessential tourist, my mother booked places at the famous Afternoon Tea held at the Empress Hotel, a place I remember for its vast hallways and huge, towering windows. I specifically remember enjoying a goblet of fresh blueberries topped with whipped cream with my tea service but scones served with cream, lemon curd, and savory pies were on the menu. As in Britain, Afternoon Tea is characterized by its selection of pastries, scones, and tea sandwiches--cucumber, chicken salad, and egg were all popular varieties. 

Additionally, modeling its British origins, High Tea in Canada is held in the early evening but comprises of heartier fare, including casseroles and meat, along with tea (of course!) and perhaps an accompaniment of wine. 

If you are in the mood to experience this wonderful cultural tradition, here's a link to 5 (Lovely) Afternoon Teas Across Canada.

Before we leave our virtual tea tour around the globe, here are some interesting Canadian tea facts:

  • The average Canadian drinks 264 cups of tea a year versus the 216 cups an American consumes on average.
  • Victoria is the most well-known place to have traditional tea, probably due to the fact that it retains its British roots the most.
  • Tea traditions endure: Canada was a part of Great Britain until 1931 and remains a Commonwealth today.
  • About 75% of tea consumed in Canada is black tea.

With Canadian tea consumption slated to increase 40% by 2020, we hope to see more TeaDrops lovers from one of my favorite vacation destinations.

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