#MotivationMonday: Embrace Bravery!

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Today's theme is exploration. Exploration can manifest itself in many forms, among which can be the commitment to travel and it can even be an introspective exploration of self. Both are crucial and very healing processes that inspire growth, encourages one to know oneself on a deeper level, and both require a great deal of bravery and open-heartedness. Whether you commit yourself to traveling to a new place or devote a bit of free time to self-reflection, both journeys take courage and strength. 


We wish you strength and fortitude. I would never say, "don't be afraid," because even recognizing fear is brave and truthful. Instead, focusing your determination can get you a long way!


No matter where you go in life or when, this is always applicable. The old adage is true: is not always the destination but the journey that is the objective. Sometimes, taking a risk, trusting yourself, and shoving off for some unknown is the greatest and most necessary journey upon which one can embark.

Have a wonderful and fulfilling Monday, everyone! Love and tea, always.

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