Greetings from the Netherlands!

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We are so happy to announce that Tea Drops will be finding their way to the beautiful Netherlands and with this, we bring you another blog post about teatime worldwide. I was astonished and excited to learn that this region of the world played a huge part in the worldwide trade of tea incredibly early on and its cosmopolitan taste for tea still flourishes in tea houses and in cultural identity today.

  • The Dutch formed the first East India Company and so it could be said that they were one of the first powers that enabled sharing tea around the world! In fact, the first place they brought tea to was Europe in 1610—and it was a green tea from Japan.
  • The Dutch drink tea without milk and the tea itself is a great deal weaker than that which is served in, say, Great Britain.
  • This is a country that prides itself on routine, making a particular habit of drinking tea at approximately 3 in the afternoon daily. (They also enjoy cups of coffee and tea throughout the day, too, though!)
  • The Netherlands is number five of tea drinkers in Europe and are within the top ten for tea traders in the world.
  • Amsterdam is actually a tea destination. Long-standing tea and coffee shops there including 't Hofje van Wijs which opened for business in 1792, Geels & Co which began serving in 1863, and 't Zonnetje which started in 1642. They are still open today!

  • In cafes across Holland, fresh mint tea called een verse munt thee is all the rage. Doesn’t it look delicious?

(P.S. You can emulate this taste of Holland with our refreshing Peppermint Hearts, made from pure organic peppermint.)

As always, we are always so happy to learn that TeaDrops are making their way around the world and hope you enjoyed this little trip to the Netherlands as much as we did!

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