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As I sit here to write this note to you, I am more optimistic and certain about the contributions that Tea Drops will make -- not just as a tea company, but also as a powerful community. I feel that way because of you, our amazing communitea. As I count my blessings this year, you all are certainly a big one. You uplift me, you inspire me, and you propel me and the rest of the humble Tea Drops team forward. Tea might be what connects us to one another, but I am more certain by the day that Tea Drops is also our platform for us to share in community and encourage one another to keep pushing, to keep striving, to keep reaching for the highest expression of ourselves. The Tea Drops community really exists to push ourselves to live our best lives. 

As you know, gratitude is a huge theme here at Tea Drops. So as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday -- I want you to know how much you are appreciated. Not just as customers, but as friends and as contributors to our evolving and uplifting community. Not a day goes by that I don't sit in awe and in thanks of how Tea Drops is being received by people of all spectrums of age, gender, and levels of tea sophistication. And while I'm very excited about how our teas have touched the heart and taste buds of many, I am even more proud of the community being formed. Tea bonds us together, but it's the connected values of you all that makes us a community. A sincere thank you for that.

Part of being a community, is making sure we prioritize connecting to one another. This Thanksgiving, I hope that you can shed release of your screened devices (as I will do, though it won't be easy!), and take time to enjoy the community of your friends, family, neighbors, and loved ones. That is what Thanksgiving is all about! Connection. 

As far as us here at Tea Drops -- we are prioritizing connection. That means we will not be prioritizing the crack of dawn shopping madness. As I've become more entrenched in the artisan community comprised of some PHENOMENAL artists and makers, I have more and more realized the true meaning of quality over quantity. I've met some incredible artists who leave it all behind to simply make humble yet amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. In almost every space, as dedicated as we are here at Tea Drops to using the best tea & spices we can find to blend our teas, artisans in other categories are doing the exact same for their products. 

So when I saw Unique LA's Thanksgiving slogan of #MoreStuffingLessStuff, I instantly connected to it. As I've made the plunge to pursue Tea Drops full-time and have completely revised my own finances, I am definitely thinking about the things that matter to me, including the "stuff" I surround myself with. I want each and every possession in my life to have meaning -- and that means I'll likely have fewer things. I challenge you to think about the things in your life. What is bringing you purpose and true joy? What is not? And what will in the future? Let's not waste our hard earned dollars on disposable crap that don't serve us. Often the simplest things serve us the most -- a good meal, the comfort of family, and a lovely cup of tea. 

If you share our sentiment, then feel free to share and spread Unique LA's  #MoreStuffingLessStuff message and the image above with your community. 

Most importantly, I wish you a wonderful & safe Thanksgiving with the people that you love! 

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