The Inside Scoop Behind Our NEW look!

The Inside Scoop Behind Our NEW look!

You might look around and see some big changes at Tea Drops! Just like a child, we are growing and developing our own personality. It struck me last year how many significant changes both Tea Drops and I have experienced over the past few years. Personally, I've gone through a lot of life changes this past year including moving the entire business operations of Tea Drops to my hometown of Los Angeles, California. 

I've always said that building Tea Drops has been such a vehicle of self-discovery and growth. And with that growth comes change. Moving to LA has allowed me to reconnect to my hometown in a new way and appreciate things I often overlooked when I left 8 years ago (sans the traffic). I'm now rediscovering the sights, people, and culture of this vibrant city and having a blast doing it. From the coastal beaches to the rooftop bars of DTLA - the City of Angels is whimsical, inspirational, and colorful. It is truly a town for dreamers.  

As I took a step back and looked at at how our business had evolved, I was honest about what we stood for and why our customers felt connected to us.  Here were my observations:

  • We make tea approachable 
  • We bring a little happiness to your day
  • We are woman owned
  • We are made in Los Angeles, CA
  • We are USDA organic
  • We don't sacrifice quality for convenience (no additives, no artificial flavors, no chemical alteration) 

And so, we embarked on a journey to connect these observations to an identity that reflected our truths. California played a big role -- from being where we were founded, to where we're manufactured, to where our headquarters are. We looked at a lot of different color palettes, eras, and public figures for inspiration. At the end of the day, we really felt connected and inspired by both the decade of the 70's AND the coastal landscapes of California. 

The 70's was a game changer in American History, giving rise to improvements in women’s equality and other social issues. The 70's also provided a colorful and eclectic visual backdrop -- psychedelic colors, bold fonts, strong imagery. From Yellow Submarine, Soul Train, Flower Power, Disco -- the 70s were cool, fun, edgy, and happy.

And so we introduce a new logo that falls in alignment with our values, our bold attitude, and the 70's vibe.

In addition, we will be refreshing our entire line to reflect the whimsical and colorful tapestry of our brand. Our first products to be touched by our refresh are our new  line of unsweetened teas, Tea Sprinkles. These mood teas comprised of finely ground teas that dissolve in your cup come in unique blends that mix unlikely tea and spice pairings (think Turmeric, Pineapple, Orange Peel). The whimsical packaging of our new teas also reflects our core identity -- we are fun, we are California made, and we are proudly woman owned. 



We're so excited to share our new brand unveils across our line over the next few months. We're really inspired and invigorated by our evolution and hope you will be too. Thank you for continuing to support our journey!

Welcome to Tea Drops. This is the New School of Tea. Class is in session!