Introducing the Magical Tea Box...

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Introducing: The Magical Tea Box

Here at Tea Drops, we often think about the types of experiences in the world that make us the most excited. The wonder of discovering a new tea blend, the anticipation of receiving a special note or gift in the mail, the feeling of “coming home.” Those are all some of our favorite moments. So, how can we blend these moments together to create the ultimate tea experience?
Well, we thought long and hard about it -- and after months of development, we are proud to introduce our NEW Magical Tea Box -- a curated tea experience based on your personal tea preferences and habits. Based on our short 4 question quiz, we generate a personalized tea box just for you -  and then you decide when it gets delivered! It sounds easy, and it is.
I’m sure you have more questions, and we have answers...
What’s in the box?
A mix of 15 Single Serve Tea Drops!
Here it is in all of its glory:
How do I pick which Tea Drops I want?
You’ll take a quiz, which includes a question about your favorite tea flavor profiles, whether you prefer caffeinated or non-caffeinated blends, and based on how you answer, we’ll select them for you! It’s all part of the #TEAMAGIC!
It’ll look something like this:
What’s included in each box?
15 Tea Drops, especially curated just for you. A wildcard recipe + words of wisdom card for to create your own Tea Drops recipe and gleam some magical wisdom.
What if I want to exchange the tea selection in my box?
If you let us know, we will happily exchange or refund the contents of the box.
You can also cancel your subscription at any time.
What payment plans do you offer if I subscribe?
No hidden agenda here. We didn’t want to lock you into a “just another subscription I don’t need” pile. It’s straightforward -- each Magical Tea Box delivery is $20. You decide the frequency.
Is shipping included?
Yes, shipping in the continental US is Free!
Can I easily cancel my subscription?
Definitely. We never want to make you feel trapped!
Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Let The Magic Begin! 

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