Team Tea Drops: Meet Olga

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Our newest member to the team is Olga! Since she's the newbie, we asked her the more straightforward questions to get a glimpse into her life!
Name: Olga Leyman 
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Role at Tea Drops: Digital Marketing Manager
Favorite music: I love rock and classical music. 
Family: how many kids? any pets? We are family of 5: Olga, Kevin (husband), Stephan, Stanley, and Hami (Our pet Hamster, who is 2 years old). 
Hobbies/Passions: As a family,  we love camping, hiking, biking, and all other outdoor activities. My own passion is hiking and my hobby is Puppets. I have started performing puppet shows for my kids and then it grew into a LA Puppet Theater, which was performing all over LA and abroad in Mexico and Italy, at private residences, museums, schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. Here is the link to the page:

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