Immunity Boost Tea Kit
Immunity Boost Tea Kit

Immunity Boost Tea Kit

For those times you want to be proactive and give a 1-2 punch to that oncoming cold! Boost your immunity and elevate your taste buds with our Immunity Bundle featuring our caffeine-free favorites of MATCHA GREEN TEA Tea Drops and REFRESH Tea Sprinkles. In this bundle you get 22 servings total - 10 MATCHA GREEN TEA Tea Drops and 12 REFRESH Tea Sprinkles sachets. Cheers to good health!


Our full-bodied Matcha Green Tea will kick-start your morning or help you power through your afternoon with calm alertness. Our Matcha is lightly sweetened and brings an earthy and gently sweet Matcha experience. Matcha Green Tea is a treasured powder from Japan and the heart of the traditional Japanese Tea ceremony celebrated for hundreds of years.

Matcha has a smooth taste with a vegetal, earthy hint. The presence of rich amino acids give Matcha a creamy taste. We've made our Matcha Green Tea Drops with high grade, organic Matcha green tea blended with the subtle sweetness of organic and raw Demerera sugar.

Tea Notes: Earthy, blended greens, creamy, sweet

REFRESH Tea Sprinkles ™

Let’s get real, your body needs a reboost. This refreshing blend of golden turmeric, pineapple, and orange peel will snap you back into gear asap. Your awesome bod will thank you!

Tea Notes: Sweet, Tropical Fruit/Citrus, Earthy


Turmeric: Promotes joint health, anti-inflammation

Pineapple: Immunity and bone support, aids digestion

Orange: Enhances Vitamin C in body

12 Tea Sprinkle Sachets per box

1.26 Net Weight

Sediment is normal and we encourage you to consume it. The time it takes for sediment to fall to the bottom of your cup is the time it takes to steep!

Tea Sprinkles ™  DESCRIPTION

Tea Sprinkles are unsweetened, organic blends of nutrient herbs and teas that fuel your body and mind. From getting your hustle on to winding down to chill, Tea Sprinkles support you day and night


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