Pumpkin Spice Tea - Black Assam - [USDA Organic] | Tea Drops
pumpkin spice tea
Pumpkin Spice Tea Drops
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Pumpkin Spice Tea Drops

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No tricks here, only a delicious Seasonal Tea treat - Pumpkin Spice Tea Drops! We’ve captured everything we love about Autumn (and Pumpkin Pie) and bundled it together in our delectable Pumpkin Spice Tea Drop! Comforting and calming, this nutty blend of organic black tea and spices is sure to make you savor the Season. Bold and lightly sweetened this warm spicy cup of comfort isn’t just for a special occasion, even though it may taste that way.  Get it before it’s gone!


Comes in two convenient purchase options: 
10 serving recyclable cylinder

25 serving burlap bag

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You can also find Pumpkin Spice in our Spiced Tea Kit along with Chai Spice and Turmeric Tea Drops!


Pumpkin spice contains a mixture of spices which is naturally an excellent anti-inflammatory. It may help ease muscle pain and stiffness and improve blood flow. Ginger helps with nausea and stomach issues. All of the spices working together have powerful antibacterial properties which may clear sinuses and help ward off seasonal illness.

    Nutrition + Ingredients

    Pumpkin Spice Tea Drops

    Caffeine level:  Medium

    Calories: 30, Carb: 7g, Sugar: 7g 


    Organic Black Assam Tea

    Organic Cinnamon

    Organic Ginger

    Organic Pumpkin Spice (Allspice, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg)

    Organic Raw Cane Sugar

    Organic Vanilla Extract

    No Additives - No Artificial Flavorings 

    How To Prepare


    What's in the bottom of your cup:

    Tea Drops are organic, finely ground whole leaf teas, pressed into a cute shape.  The drop dissolves in boiling water but you will notice some finely ground tea leaves at the bottom of your cup. These plant-based fibers are meant to be consumed. Swirl cup gently while consuming to capture every fiber-rich sip, or you can filter them out if they are not your thing.