Elevate your wellness with just one drop.

Our tea enhancers can be paired with any tea of your choice (or any beverage) – simply add a drop to your drink and start feeling the benefits.

Take any beverage to the next level with our wellness essences.

A drop of perfection

Our tea-enhancing drops are curated with your wellness in mind – so any beverage can feel the warmth of wellness with no flavor disruption.
  • Glyphosate free

    Our tinctures are certified free of glyphosate residue (the world’s most used herbicide)

  • No added flavors, no bitter taste

    Only mild flavors from natural herbs. So there’s no bitter aftertaste and no change in flavor.

  • USDA organic

    We only use the purest ingredients – so they’re chemical and pesticide free

  • Only the best ingredients

    Our drops contain full-spectrum extracts, so you get the full natural benefit of the herbs.

Easy as one, two, tea

Our super-concentrated Wellness Drops are made with organic, Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients, including adaptogens.

With full flavor flexibility, you can mix your chosen drop seamlessly into any drink – so you can make every sip count.

  • "Chill is a powerful blend of Ayurvedic adaptogens and herbal nervines, which work harmoniously to promote calmness and relaxation.”

    Shanais Pelka, Certified Herbalist and Nutritionist

  • “I love that the Digest wellness drops are concentrated and potent enough to bring fast relief in a small package, that quickly aid in the relief of gas, bloating, and occasional heartburn.”

    Stephanie Hein, Certified Herbalist, Wise Earth Way

The difference a drop makes

Only the best ingredients –- our drops contain Ayurvedic adaptogens, herbal superfoods, and gut-nurturing herbs that help boost your wellness with every sip.

Drop, drink, chill

Our Chill Wellness Drops contain concentrated and powerful Ayurvedic adaptogens and relaxing herbal superfoods to help release stress and reduce anxiety – day or night.

Drop, drink, digest

With super-concentrated gut-nurturing herbs, our Digest Wellness Drops help calm and soothe digestive discomfort. Leaving you with a happy gut, and a gorgeous cup of tea.

You on a good day – every day

Drop into
wellness for less than $1 a day

Drop into peace and wellness with superconcentrated adaptogenic wellness drops that mix seamlessly into any beverage.