What are Tea Drops?

Tea drops are made with real loose leaf tea. That means you'll notice sediment at the bottom of your cup. We encourage you to drink it for extra benefits -- that's where the good stuff is!

Our Mission

We create magical tea moments that connect you to what's important. 

The Eco-Friendly Option

20% less waste than a tea bag! 

Sashee's Story 

It was only a matter of time until I left the corporate world with the support of my family and friends to launch Tea Drops. Tea Drops has since been named Most Innovative Beverage, touted as “Clever, unique, and delicious too!” by the Specialty Food Association and "Best Foodie Gift" by the Los Angeles Times. 
We've moved our offices down to Los Angeles and I remain overwhelmed with the amount of support and encouragement Tea Drops has received. Thanks for joining our journey. 

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Our Leadership Team


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