Rethink Tea with TeaDrops

Tea has always been a pivotal ritual in my life. With a father from Sri Lanka and mother from China (two of the largest tea exporting countries in the world), becoming a tea junkie was a really hard destiny to avoid. To me, tea is like a hug in a mug, and I've tried to share that same outlook with as many friends and strangers that allow me to. 

Despite my adamance of tea's magnificence, I've come across many who tell me that they don't drink tea, and specifically that they don't drink tea because of the huge ritual involved - from sifting through the varieties of tea, investing in a tea strainer, familiarizing oneself with steep times, adding sugar, adding milk, on top of finding a moment to enjoy a cup of tea amidst a busy day.

I understood and empathized. It was hard for me to even find the time, and tea is one of my greatest loves!. And so with listening ears, time, and experimentation, Teadrops was born. Teadrops break down the barriers that prevent so many from giving tea a try. Without sacrificing the use of fine tea leaves or taste, these little compact stars are a jet plane route to enjoying the perfect cup of tea with literally no effort. If you can boil water, then you can enjoy an amazing cup of tea. Each Teadrop is comprised on finely sourced tea, the best possible spices we could find, and natural and organic sugar. Natural, healthy, delicious, and easy.

Let's Rethink Tea, one Teadrop at a time. 

Sashee Chandran