How do you prepare a Tea Drops/Tea Sprinkles?

Use one Tea Drop per one 10-12 oz cup (about 1 mug full)  of boiling water. Use a spoon to mix the tea for 5-10 seconds. Let the tea sit and dissolve for 30 seconds. Due to the use of genuine tea leaves, some sediment at the bottom is expected and drinkable (it's actually where the nutrients of the tea lives)!

What if a Tea Drop is too strong for me/not strong enough?

Tea preferences vary by person, that’s what makes you unique! If the tea is too strong for your liking, try adding larger proportion of water. We also love enjoying many black teas English style by adding a dash of creamer (whether that’s creamer, whole, almond, soy milk, or oat milk). If the tea is not strong enough for your liking, try reducing the amount of water you mix with your Tea Drop.

Do you have unsweetened tea?

Yes we do! Our unsweetened tea line is called Tea Sprinkles . Feel free to look at the link provided and check out our unique blends we have available.

What are Tea Sprinkles?

Tea Sprinkles are our line of unsweetened, functional, mood based tea powders. They are comprised of Organic teas and nutrient spices. To use, simply add one packet of Tea Sprinkles to a cup of hot water, stir, and enjoy! From getting your hustle on to winding down to chill, Tea Sprinkles support you day and night. Tea Sprinkles come in fun varieties like GLOW (hibiscus, tart cherry, cinnamon, rose hip), BOOST (matcha green tea, ginger, lemon) and REFRESH (turmeric, citrus, pineapple).

Do you make decaffeinated tea?

We sure do! Our caffeine-free herbal teas include Citrus Ginger, Sweet Peppermint, Turmeric Tea Drops, Refresh Tea Sprinkles and Glow Tea Sprinkles. Please take a look at this link.

How much Organic raw sugar is in each Tea Drop?

Sugar content varies by Tea Drop variety. Here is a breakdown of grams per drop. Keep in mind 4 grams = 1 teaspoon.  

Turmeric: <1g

Sweet Peppermint: 4g

Blueberry Acai: 5g

Citrus Ginger: 6g

Matcha Green Tea: 6g

Chocolate Earl Grey: 6g

Cardamom Spice: 6g

Pumpkin Spice; 7g

Rose Earl Grey: 7g

Vanilla White Tea: 7g

Are your teas Gluten- free? Are they Kosher?

Yes, we are Gluten-free and Kosher!

What is the calorie content of a Tea Drop?

Depending on which variety, the calorie content can range from 5-35 calories.

What’s the difference between Tea Drops and instant tea?

Tea Drops are not instant tea. Instant tea is derived from extracting tea from processed leaves, and then drying the concentrate to a powder form by freeze drying. Tea Drops on the other hand, are produced with genuine tea leaves that are delicately grinded. Nothing freeze dried, no extraction process, just delicious and genuine tea. That’s why you may notice tea sediment at the bottom of your cup - see sediment FAQ below.

What is the tea sediment at the bottom?

Because Tea Drops are made of genuine fine tea leaves (and not instant tea), you will notice some sediment at the bottom of your cup, much like when you make french press coffee. The residue is completely safe to drink and rich in nutrients. In fact, in a lot of Asian cultures, tea drinkers consume tea leaves as part of the tea experience. If you prefer to avoid the sediment, feel free to set aside the last sip. We do not chemically alter our tea, and therefore you will find some sediment/ residue. Think of it like pulp in fresh juice!

What is the shelf life of Tea Drops?

Tea Drops share the typical shelf life of regular loose leaf teas. For premium freshness, it is best to drink your Tea Drops within 18 months of purchase.

What does “Organic” mean?

All of our Tea Drops selections are USDA certified organic and are comprised of organic tea (no chemicals are present in the base soil or while growing the tea plants) & organic and Fair-Trade sugar. We are constantly working on sourcing all of our teas from organic origins. We also use organic, raw demerara sugar derived from dehydrated cane juice. It retains a bit more of the natural “impurities,” so it’s even a little darker in color.

What does “Fair Trade” mean?

Fair Trade Certification is a third-party certification process that sets standards for the way coffee is produced and how much a farmer/farming cooperative earns per pound of coffee sold. The criteria are: • Fair prices for farmers and decent working and living conditions for workers • Direct trade with farmers, bypassing middlemen • Free association of workers and co-ops, with structures for democratic decision-making • Access to capital • Sustainable agricultural practices including restricted use of agrochemicals


Are Tea Drops safe to drink during pregnancy?

Yes, Tea Drops are perfectly safe and even helpful to drink during pregnancy. We recommend our non-caffeinated varieties during pregnancy like Sweet Peppermint, Citrus Ginger, and Turmeric.

Where are you located?

We are located in many fabulous stores everywhere! You can look on Find A Store for a place near you. You can always order directly through our website as well. Our HQ is sunny in Downtown Los Angeles, stop by and say hey!

Do you offer free shipping?

Shipping is free in the USA for purchases over $50, so load up!

For orders with multiple ship addresses, each individual shipment must meet the $50 threshold to receive free shipping.

Are Tea Drops available to ship outside of the United States?

Yes! We're sold internationally. We try to keep international shipping costs as economical as possible.

Can I buy wholesale?

Yes, we do sell our products wholesale. Here is the link for more information. Wholesale Inquiries

How do I cancel my subscription?

All you need to do is go onto the Tea Drops website, scroll to bottom of page and click “Cancel Subscription” -- you will be prompted to login, and from there, can cancel. If you are subscribed to a plan and would like to cancel, you must do so 4 business days before your order will be confirmed. One an actual order confirmation email has been sent to you,  we will fulfill that order, and the subscription can only be cancelled from the next month onwards.