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Hello From Sashee!

Hello Everyone,

Is it just me or is this year flying by?! We are already heading into March and I'm over here feeling like I just stepped into the new year. That can only mean that exciting things are happening here at Tea Drops. Each day, I get to fulfill our mission of spreading the love of tea and I'm so thankful for that. It is so cool to see more and more of you posting how and where you Tea Drop with #myteadrop, it's almost like I'm sharing in tea time with you, and it's awesome to see all of the new tea reviews compiling on our site. It's just the daily dose we need to know what we do matters to you. Some exciting things I wanted to share from this past month:
Island Wedding with Tea Drops: Late January, my two friends tied the knot in the beautiful island of Eluethera in the Bahamas.  Tea Drops were not only requested to be the guest favors for my friend's wedding, but I was lucky enough to be present and celebrate with the couple. Take a look at their creative approach to incorporating Tea Drops in this Island Wedding. 
Cooking with Tea Drops: I have become a big fan of cooking with our delicious Tea Drops. After all, there are so many positive health properties in our organic teas that it makes sense to incorporate them into your cooking. I want to share two delicious (and simple!) dinner recipes you can make with our Natural Healing Turmeric Tea Drop -- Turmeric is known for its anti-inflamatory properties and each Tea Drop contains the recommended dose of 1tsp of organic turmeric root: Check out our recipe for Coconut Curry Chicken featuring this very special Tea Drop.
Best Maker Award: We were incredibly honored and oh-so-surprised to win the Best Maker award at the San Francisco Gift Fair this past weekend. It was our first time participating in this show, so we were incredibly overwhelmed by such positivity from other vendors, staff, and buyers at the show. We soon became the booth that everyone came to for a tea break, and we couldn't be happier about that. It was like having a constant tea party of people. The best maker award is voted on by retail buyers across the country who vote on the hundreds of American Made makers present at the show. I can't tell you how honored we were to receive this award. We put our heart and souls into our teas, and we're so happy it shows.
Thank you again for being a part of this amazing tea journey with us. We appreciate each and every one of you. As always, I love hearing thoughts and suggestions from you anytime, so please, drop me a note at Tea Drop on!




Tea Drops At The International Gift Fair

From February 21 to February 24th, the Tea Drops team traveled to San Francisco to participate in the International Gift Fair, an exciting and dynamic annual event that showcases an extensive array of products--from handmade and beyond--to retailers from across the country. This was a fun and huge opportunity for us to share tea and the Tea Drops experience with others from around the United States. 

One of the major highlights was when Tea Drops was presented with the Best Maker Award, which is both an honor and a wonderful surprise! This award is definitely dedicated to you, our wonderful community, who have made Tea Drops a fun, growing, and exciting experience! 


Mark Your Calendars


Jackalope Art Fair April 25 & 26 in Pasadena, CA. This show will feature local artisans and craftmakers and we're excited to take part. Find out more over at the event website


Tea Lover's Festival May 1 - May 31st in Los Angeles, CA. Tea Lovers UNITE -- find out more about this awesome month celebrating the love of tea here. Tea Drops will be partipating in the Tea Lover's Marketplace on Sunday, May 3 from 10AM - 5PM.







Teatime In Paris

With the winter winding down and spring break edging nearer, we know that many of you are planning trips and getaways. In honor of this, we are featuring one of our favorite cities in Europe as a modern tea destination: Paris! Tea life  is alive and flourishing in beautiful France!

I think one of the most endearing aspects of modern tea culture in Paris is that the tea rooms are called “salons.” Today’s tea vibe in the City of Lights is as variegated as you would expect from a cosmopolitan city that is so proudly rooted to its history and yet so daringly at the forefront of culture. Parisian tea rooms run the gamut from modern chic tea venues (for instance, La Maison des Trois Thés) to cozy, quaint tucked away places to have a cup of tea and share some great conversation (A Priori Thé). Meanwhile, other tea locations are decadently and sumptuously decorated for a regal experience--the Ladurée houses, for instance. The tea rooms of French tea company Mariage Frères also offer an array of environments in which to enjoy tea.

Of course, all great tea times must be accompanied by delicious tea treats. while most of the tea rooms offer a broad range of delectable French patisserie, some have included Asian and Arabic menu items in their menus to pay homage to the tea. One can find a place for a hearty High Tea or a light afternoon bite in modern Paris--there is a “Salon du Thé” to satisfy every tea lover’s whim. 



Tea Drops Takes A Night Out At The Movies

We have been focusing on the theme of leadership this month and paying tribute to people and qualities we find absolutely admirable. With this in mind, we were absolutely honored with the opportunity to contribute to an incredibly worthy and timely cause within our hometown as we attended and shared tea with the wonderful guests of Lunafest, a nationwide film festival where women can connect over the medium of film.

Fifteen years ago in 2000, San Jose Women’s Club member and cancer activist Lani Luthard organized the first Lunafest, a traveling event sponsored by the Clif Bar company that takes place at locations across the nation, in her own home. Dedicated to uniting the community in benefiting research and awareness for breast cancer, she championed the cause and grew this event with passion and care, aligning with the event’s mission statement as she connected women and their stories through the medium of film. Moving to the San Jose Women’s Club facility in 2011, the evening is now a lovely night out for hundreds to enjoy short films created by and for women as well as share in delicious food and drink, and—as the Tea Drops team learned—lots of love and laughter. 

This year’s Lunafest, which benefited the Breast Cancer Fund, Pathways Hospice and Health Care, and the SJWC Charitable Giving Program was exceptionally meaningful as many gathered to pay tribute to Luthard, who passed away on February 5, 2015 after valiantly battling breast cancer for over a decade. Many attendees shared their friend’s story and kind memory with us as they stopped by to chat at our table.

Luthard’s strength as a leader was embodied in her generosity of spirit, gentle kindness, and advocacy for those whose voices deserve to be heard: cancer fighters and survivors. In opening up her home and in facing cancer for herself and others with such open-mindedness and hope, she was a beloved inspiration to those who knew her. Lunafest in San Jose will forever carry the spirit of its founder in this way.

There is something incredibly befitting and natural about exchanging stories and tea and on this very special event, we felt very lucky to have been included in not only a wonderful event for the local community, but also a loving tribute to an admirable public figure.

Rose Earl Grey Gin Cocktail


Utilizing our Rose Earl Grey Tea Drops, infused with real petals and shaped in a delicate flower, this creates a romantic and fun twist on a popular adult beverage. Sweet and unique, it's the perfect cocktail with which to treat yourself or your special someone (simply double the recipe for two drinks!).

Makes: 1 Serving



1.5 oz simple syrup3 oz lemon juice

3 oz Earl Grey infused gin (2-3 Rose Earl Grey Tea Drops, depending on desired strength + gin)

3 ice cubes 

Sodium-free club soda 

Dried rose buds or leaves for decoration, if desired. 


For Earl Grey-infused Gin:

Combine two or three Rose Earl Grey Tea Drops (dissolved into hot water and cooled) with 3 oz. of gin. Allow to intermingle for two hours at room temperature. Filter into a jar or pitcher for use later.

Simple Syrup:

 Mix 1 C of water with 1 C of sugar into a saucepan on medium heat, bringing the mixture to a boil and stirring until all the sugar is dissolved. Allow to cool and transfer to another jar or pitcher and cover.

Mix simple sugar, lemon juice, and the Rose Earl Grey-infused gin and stir, adding ice cubes. Next carefully pour in the club soda and stir. Finally, add rose petals for decoration in beverage, if desired. Enjoy this refreshing and floral take on a classic adult beverage!

Recipe Source: The Framed Table 

  screen-shot-2015-02-25-at-7.20.40-pm.png Honey & Earl Grey Tea Cakes

 What better way to enjoy Earl Grey than baked into these amazing-looking tea cakes? This recipe from Off The Spork makes a dozen of these dainty little beauties that are perfect for an afternoon tea spread or even a midnight snack (it's okay to indulge a little!).

Makes: approximately 12 cakes


3 oz. whole milk

1 Earl Grey Tea Drop of your choice (chocolate, Rose, etc.)

1 tsp white vinegar

1 C Butter

½ C Caster sugar (which can be made using regular sugar ground to a superfine texture in a coffee grinder)

½ C Honey

3 Eggs, beaten lightly.

1 C Flour

1 tspn Baking powder

½ tspn Baking soda

½ tspn Salt

2½ TBSPN lemon juice

⅞ C Confectioner’s sugar

½ Earl Grey Tea Drop (in addition to other tea needed and set aside for later use)


Preheat oven to 340 F, grease 12 mini bundt tins, and set aside. Warm the milk and mix in your Tea Drops until well mixed. Strain out the sediment and mix the vinegar into the milk to create a buttermilk taste for your cakes.In a mixer, cream the butter, sugar and honey together until light and fluffy. Add in eggs to this mixture one by one and beating well until each addition is fully combined.

Sift the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt together. Add a third of this flour mixture to  your previously-made butter mixture. Beating on low speed only until lightly mixed. Add half of your milk only until lightly mixed, repeating with the flour and milk until all of each has been mixed in.

Grind up the remaining ½ Earl Grey Tea Drop of your choice and add this powder to the cake batter until lightly mixed. Spoon the batter into the greased tins.

Bake for about 20 minutes, or until the cakes are cooked. Then, after removing them from the oven, allow them to sit in tins for approximately 10 minutes to cool down before shaking out on to a wire rack. Cool completely before icing to prevent any melting.

Make the icing: Mix together the lemon juice and confectioner’s sugar until it’s is thick but still pourable. Spoon over the cakes, adding the desired amount and enjoy!

Recipe Source:Off The Spork


Ambassador Spotlight: Photos Worth A Million Words

California native and Tea Drops Photography and Writing Ambassador Monica Chen, sent along these gorgeous photos of her travels and adventures for all of us to enjoy. Thank you, Monica!




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