A Tea Drop is an organic shaped tea comprised of finely sourced organic tea, organic sugar, and organic aromatic spices creating a blissful tea blend that can be enjoyed any time, any place, with just hot water. No special tools, no steeping time, no tea expertise necessary. Produced in small batches in a certified home kitchen, these little tea morsels are comrpised of the highest quality of tea and spices we could find, and Made in America. 

Tea Drops are handcrafted shaped teas that are produced in small batches at a time. We source the finest tea leaves we can possibly find from all over the world including tea estates in India, China, and Sri Lanka. We then use the most aromatic and freshest natural spices we can to create truly unique tea blends. Lastly, we add organic and U.S. produced sugar to sweeten this incredible tea experience. 

We individually wrap and place each Tea Drop into our signature box. Then each box is optionally (yet beautifully) hand-wrapped with organic paper and adorned with a wax seal. A box of Tea Drops is a true handcrafted experience from beginning to end. 

Inspiration for our tea selections occurs around the clock and comes from a variety of sources -- from daydreaming, to attempting to capture a memory, to having new experiences that we want to preserve in the form of a unique tea creation. 

We have just launched Tea Drops made with organic coconut palm sugar in our Natural Healing line of teas. In the coming months, we are launching a Stevia sweetened version of Tea Drops and a completely unsweetened version. 



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