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Tea Drops Custom Boba Box (GMC Boba)

Tea Drops Custom Boba Box (GMC Boba)

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Create cafe-quality boba tea at home in 3 minutes or less!  Our custom boba tea box allows you to mix and match or fill your box with one drink variety.  With our single serve brown sugar boba pearls and a tea drop, it is so easy to make.  Our boba takes 30 seconds to cook and is chewy and delicious!  In addition, our boba drinks are made with 100% real tea - ethically sourced and full of flavor. Our box comes in 3 sizes and comes with our boba pearls and tea drops - you just add the milk of your choice!
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Think outside the bag.

Dissolve in Seconds
Instantly Steeps
Bold in Taste
USDA Organic
Ethically Sourced
No microplastics or bleach
15% less waste


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