Vanilla White Tea Single Serves
Vanilla White Tea Single Serves
$ 2.00

Vanilla White Tea Single Serves

We've encased each of our Tea Drops in convenient, single-serve packaging to be enjoyed anytime or anywhere. Excellent for parties, gift bags, and camping.

Vanilla is not basic, and neither is our Vanilla White Tea. High in antioxidants, but low in caffeine, this tea is calming and can be enjoyed anytime – especially as an after meal tea.

Tea Notes: vanilla, sweet, airy

Caffeine Level: low 

Ingredients: organic white peony tea, organic vanilla extract, organic cane sugar, organic raw cane sugar

Nutrition Facts: Calories: 30, Total Carb: 6g, Sugars: 6g

Classic Wood Box $12: (8 Drops/Box) Composed of high quality paulownia wood that feature a classy sliding top. These boxes are a perfect gift option, too.

Each Tea Drop is individually wrapped.