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Sometimes, there is nothing like the spicy, sweet, and delicious treat of a Chai Tea Latte. Chai Tea Lattes are derived from India’s traditional Masala Chai, a tea beverage made with black tea and blended with traditional spices & herbs. Traditional Masala spices include cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and black peppercorn in addition to others. In the early 20th century British influence made it common to enjoy Masala Chai with the addition of steamed milk and sugar. This version of Masala Chai has become a popular beverage outside of South Asia, making it’s way to the U.S. Here we mostly term the beverage, Chai Tea Latte.

The Cardamom Spice TeaDrop is a flavor very reminiscent of traditional Masala Chai, though its primary spice is cardamom. We noticed that it’s SO easy to transform this delicious TeaDrop into a Masala Chai Tea Latte, we’d like to share the easy recipe with you.

TeaDrops Chai Tea Latte (1 serving) - Total time ~ 4 minutes:

Ingredients: Cardamom Spice TeaDrop, Milk (or milk substitute), 3 small slices of Fresh Ginger, Water

  • With your stove on high, boil ½ a cup of water in a shallow pot
  • Add 1 Cardamom Spice TeaDrop and stir until the drop dissolves
  • Add ½ cup milk (or almond, soy milk if you prefer) and stir
  • Wait until the mixture begins to boil, let it boil to the rim of the pot (but not over) and then shut off heat.
  • Pour your Chai Tea Latte into a cup, allow to cool and enjoy!

See, that was easy! If you prefer your Chai Tea Latte Iced - simply allow the tea to cool even longer in the pot and then pour over ice. A perfect summer treat!


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