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How are Tea Drops made?

We start with only the finest organic whole leaf tea from Fair Trade certified farms all over the world. Next, we delicately grind the tea and add in the freshest herbs and spices. Then it’s all mixed and compressed into a fun, convenient shape for a truly unique tea experience. 

Nothing freeze-dried, no extraction process like instant tea – just delicious and genuine tea. That’s why you may notice tea sediment at the bottom of your cup!  

Our teas are also proudly made in the US.  

What do Tea Drops taste like?

Tea Drops taste exactly like a bold cup of loose-leaf tea, because they are made with real tea leaves and spices. No artificial flavors! Most Tea Drops come lightly sweetened with demerara cane sugar.

What is your custom box? Do I have to subscribe to try it?

Monday: white tea. Tuesday: matcha. Wednesday: chai boba…

If you’re the type of tea drinker who loves to mix it up and try something new, our custom box lets you mix and match Tea Drops to your heart’s content. 

You can build your own box with any combination of teas or boba that catch your eye – and even combine Tea Drops and boba in one box. 

Do Tea Drops dissolve completely?

Unlike instant tea, Tea Drops are made with genuine tea leaves, delicately ground and pressed into convenient little drops. That means they won’t dissolve completely, like heavily processed instant tea would. 

Just as you might notice some fruit pulp left over at the end of a delicious organic smoothie, you’ll notice some tea leaves and sediment at the bottom of your teacup. 

They’re packed full of antioxidants (and tasty, too), so we recommend that you consume them. But if it’s not for you, you can strain them, or use a Tea Drops tea press to remove them. Or do as the Chinese and read your future in the leaves! (Hint: It’s going to involve some excellent cups of tea.)

Do Tea Drops contain sugar?

Not all Tea Drops contain sugar. 

Our classic line of Tea Drops contains sugar. We find that a bit of sugar gives tea the smooth, rounded flavor that makes it so delicious. That’s why we add it into most of our Tea Drops: so you can drop it in and drink straight away, without having to add sugar or sweeteners. We think, for those that take their tea with sugar, it makes it ultra convenient.

And, like every ingredient we add into Tea Drops, we’ve worked hard to find the best sugar: organic raw demerara cane sugar. It’s derived from dehydrated cane juice, which means it’s more sustainable, contains more nutrients, and is a little darker in color than the sugar you probably see every day.

It’s really the good stuff – and it makes Tea Drops an amazing base for lattes and boba drinks, as well as beautifully balanced cups of tea. 

You can adjust the sweetness of your tea by adding more or less hot water or milk to your drink. And if you’re already sweet enough, we also have a range of unsweetened teas.

If you prefer you tea without sugar, please check out our zero sugar teas, Assam Black and more.  We are continually growing this line so continue to check back to see what is new.

Where is your tea sourced?

Our organic, real tea leaves are sourced from all over the world - from Japan to Sri Lanka and China. We import leaves from the best and most authentic places, then proudly manufacture our Tea Drops in the USA. We support fair trade and organic harvesting.  That means we not only care about the people that grow our tea, but their working conditions as well. Fair Trade certification ensures farmers make a fair profit on the tea they supply for our Drops.