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Dedicated dropper? Get your perfect combo of Tea Drops, Wellness Enhancers, and boba on subscription and save. Plus get 15% off everything else online.

  • Free Shipping

    No fuss, no fees. Direct to
    your door for free.*

  • 15% off everything

    Subscribers get 15% off anything on the Tea Drops site.

  • Customize your box

    Mix and match flavors
    and types of tea (including boba)!

  • Pause, skip, or cancel any time

    Your tea, your way, with no commitment.

  • Get the gossip

    Exclusive access to product launches, promotions,
    insider info, & free samples.

  • Treats on us

    Little things to show we
    care, like limited-edition free gifts and tea accessories.

Think outside the bag.

Dissolve in Seconds
Instantly Steeps
Bold in Taste
USDA Organic
Ethically Sourced
No microplastics or bleach
15% less waste

Over 100 Cafe Drink Combinations

Stuck in a tea rut? Infinitely customizable drinks are just a drop away. Try some of our remixes, or recreate your cafe favorites!

  • Citrus Ginger Tea Drops

  • Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Drops

  • Boba + Black Assam Tea Drops

  • Boba + Ube Tea Drops

  • Chai Tea Drops

  • Hot Peppermint Tea with Mint Garnish

  • Matcha Tea drop + Boba

  • Turmeric Latte

Text us
any time

Pause your subscription, skip a box, or ask questions instantly, all over text. Or just send us tea puns. We love those too.

Brimming with questions?

What is your custom box? Do I have to subscribe to try it?

Monday: white tea. Tuesday: matcha. Wednesday: chai boba…

If you’re the type of tea drinker who loves to mix it up and try something new, our custom box lets you mix and match Tea Drops to your heart’s content. 

You can build your own box with any combination of teas or boba that catch your eye – and even combine Tea Drops and boba in one box. 

It’s all designed to be delicious, easily customizable, and as varied as you like it – without leaving you with a pantry full of unused tea boxes.

And no, you don’t have to subscribe to create a custom box. Just create your box and check out. 

(But we have to say it – subscriptions are pretty incredible for frequent tea drinkers. Free shipping, free gifts, best-value pricing – all while still being completely flexible and customizable. We’ll just leave this link to our subscription page here.)

How do I manage my subscription?

Managing your subscription is easy. Login to your account and click on “Subscriptions” tab listed on the top menu of your account. You can then make any changes you want in a matter of a few clicks. You can edit your product selection options in your next box, add things to ship in your next box for free, skip and cancel. 

If you still have questions about managing your subscription, you can contact us here.

How do I add products to my subscription order?

You can easily add products to your next subscription box by logging into your account and clicking on the “ Subscriptions” tab listed on the top menu. You should then see the list of active subscriptions you have. Then you can click on the “Edit” button of the subscription you want to add the product and follow the instructions on how to add products to your next box.

How do I skip or cancel?

Log into your account and click on the “Subscriptions” listed on the top menu. You will now see the list of active subscriptions you have. Next, click on the “Edit” button on the subscription you want to skip or cancel and either click on “Skip Shipment” located on the top area of the page  or “ Cancel Subscription”, listed at the button of your account page and follow the steps.

How do I reactivate my subscription?

Log into your account  and click the “Subscriptions” tab located on the top menu.

All of your subscriptions will appear. Find your canceled subscription listed under “Inactive Subscriptions” and click Re-activate.

What are the benefits of being a subscriber?

Being a subscriber comes with many perks.  We offer free shipping on all subscription orders plus you get 15% off everything on the site every time you shop (the custom box as a subscriber is always 15% off).  You get the best tea prices and you get access to exclusive teas and other products that we launch.  Lastly, as a subscriber you get little surprises or free gifts with many of your orders. 

Can you ship my next subscription box now vs. waiting?

How do I get my subsciber exclusive 15% off discount?

While shoping in our store or directly from your account, you will need to be signed in for the discount to be applied.

*Are there any conditions or exclusions for free shipping with subscription orders?

We offer free shipping for most subscription orders. However, there's one special consideration. For orders under $19.99, which usually would be an individual five pack of tea, smaller in size, shipping them individually would result in excessive packaging waste. We encourage you to combine these smaller items with larger orders. This not only saves you on shipping costs but also minimizes unnecessary packaging.