"Heaven thy name is a Tea Drops! These little gems create the perfect consistent experience wherever you are -- instantly elevating your tea drinking moments. Affording you the opportunity to enjoy an indulgence in a busy multi tasking world -- to stop, and sip, and look up. #lifehackfound" - N.S., Bay Area


"Love love love! I am a big tea drinker and think Tea Drops is so tasty." M.S., Seattle, WA


"Made a lovely birthday gift for my grown daughter, who is a tea lover. A beautifully packaged set of tea flowers set in a miniature "crate," each a different flavor. A delightful idea from an artist who understands that we appreciate beautiful as well as practical foods." - Mom from Central Coast, CA


"What a unique and innovative product...
I just added hot water, stirred and enjoyed a blissful brew.
Thanks to this artist who conjured up such magic.
Each variety of tea was compressed into a lovely little shape and each blend was labelled and described to a 'tea'" - PB, Burnsville NC


"Love this! Got one for our nanny and kept one for myself. So easy to use and absolutely delicious. I plan to buy more for stand by gifts. :)" - J., Fredericksburg, VA


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