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It’s no secret. If you take a peek at Pinterest, you’ll see boards devoted to repurposing and recycling (or should I say, “upcycling”) just about anything. From shipping palettes to mason jars, green-conscious people are finding stylish and useful ways to live beautifully and gently.

Our cardboard box TeaDrops packaging is 100% sustainable. Everything from the boxes, to the plastic wrapping, to the TeaDrops themselves can be composted and recycled to do some pretty great things (like fertilize your garden).

Additionally, the TeaDrops wood box can be upcycled and repurposed in many fun and unique ways to give it a second life in your home. Here are some ways that we (and your TeaDrops community) are repurposing our boxes.


Bird Condo or Feeder

Inspired by one of our wonderful tea devotees (@bcwilson123 on Twitter), your TeaDrops box can make the perfect home for tiny winged visitors to your outdoor space. It’s always a happy surprise to see a sparrow perched in your backyard so encourage these creatures to stay with an attractive and eco-friendly home. All you have to do to transform your box into a birdie condo is add some wire, string, or a wooden stake before securing it to an awning, eave, tree limb, or driving it into the ground. Alternatively, you can mix up some homemade birdseed and fill your box with it, perching it up a safe distance from kitties and other predators. Either way, it’s sure to be a neighborhood hit.


Jewelry Case

Whether you’re using the wooden or paper version, the TeaDrops box makes a delightful little storage space for special jewelry pieces. You could stack bangles, use it as a catch-all for those easy-to-lose earrings, or do as we did, and use it as a home for statement pieces. The sturdy design of the box and lid also makes it easy for you to close it up and stash it safely in your luggage for trips, big and small.


A Miniature Planter

This is a great and very chic way to add greenery to your living space. In the kitchen, you can fill it with herbs and perch it on a countertop or windowsill without worrying about it taking up too much room. You could also plant a host of wheatgrass, which is now a popular choice for live décor (aside from being incredibly nutritious!). Not only will your TeaDrops box look lovely in your space, but you will reap the benefits of growing your own fresh and delicious produce for seasons to come. TeaDrops drinker, Angela, shared the succulent garden she created with her box on our Facebook page. Be sure to give it a peek!



Travel Kit

We believe that life is an adventure and so, to help you on your journey, the TeaDrops box transforms into the perfect travel kit for lightweight and safe storage of basic toiletries and other necessities. A travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, miniature bath and body products, and as well as any other accessory can all happily co-exist in these spacious yet compact boxes. Once you arrive at your destination, slide off the top and you have a clean and open container to hold all your personal things. You’ll never find yourself balancing a toothbrush on the edge of a strange sink again.


Pencil or Art Box

Why use a canvas pencil case that rips and frays by the time you’re studying for midterms when you can use your TeaDrops box to hold school or art supplies? Its lightweight design makes it easy to tote around and the cover is a convenient way to keep it all organized. The detaching lids make it easy to keep pencils, pens, erasers, and highlighters right at your fingertips—no noisy rifling around involved.

Some other re-purposing ideas for your TeaDrops box include a spice jar holder or a miniature emergency kit—The boxes are the perfect size for a pack of matches, a miniature flashlight, and a stash of batteries. The list goes on and on! So, go ahead, TeaDrops lovers, and get creative. Share your own re-purposing ideas and photos with us on InstagramTwitter, or on our Facebook page, tagging your posts and photos with #howiteadrop. We can’t wait to see how TeaDrops inspires you.


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