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Creating beautiful and modern pumpkins to decorate your space on Halloween doesn't mean you have to break out the good ol' carving kit. These simple DIYs are a great way to get festive without cutting and gutting. Plus, they make for both perfect and functional conversation pieces to serve as the centerpieces of your Halloween-themed tea party.

Vintage Lace Doily Pumpkins

Source: Allyson Baker Design

This is a beautiful and very befitting option featuring a great re-purpose for all those lace doilies you have lying around. (And you know how we feel about upcycling!) As an added bonus, after Halloween is over, all you have to do is remove them from their pumpkins, wash out the doilies, and they are ready for your next project or party.



1 pumpkin

4-6 lace doilies per pumpkin

Liquid starch


  1. Pour liquid starch in a bowl and soak lace doilies.
  2. Stretch doilies over pumpkin(s).
  3. Allow to dry overnight.
  4. Wipe off excess starch and display in a special place!

It doesn't get much simpler than that. Plus, you really capture a unique vintage, shabby-chic look.

Chalkboard Pumpkins

Source: Better Recipes

Even novice crafters will love making this thrifty yet stylish chalkboard pumpkin. Simply spray or paint your pumpkin with chalkboard paint, arm yourself with chalk, and let your imagination run wild. We love the idea of listing a tea menu on one of these beauties.

Double-Dipped Pumpkin

Source: Chatelaine

Here's another simple idea that is chic and makes a definite statement. Simply spray paint the entire pumpkin white and allow to dry (TeaDrops Tip: You can skip this step by selecting a white pumpkin!). Then, dip the bottom part of the pumpkin in gold paint, flipping over to allow to dry.

Lacey Pumpkin 

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

These would look stunning with a white pumpkin underlay. To create this look, stretch the lace fabric over your pumpkin, bunching it with your hand to close off the bottom, and marking the correct diameter at the top to cut out an opening for the stem of the pumpkin. Once the opening for the stem is cut, gather the fabric at the bottom of the pumpkin again, cutting off excess fabric. Use a glue gun to seal off the opening of the fabric at the bottom. 

Needless to say, these are all gorgeous and innovative re-imaginings of the traditional jack-o-lantern. Plus, these looks transition beautifully from Halloween throughout the entire season, to Thanksgiving.

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