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Today, we are so excited to announce the launch of our collaboration with author, poet, and inspiration, Alex Elle to create the Alex Elle Experience by Tea Drops. If you are familiar with her work, then you know the depth of this woman's wisdom and self-awareness. You would also be aware of how much she embodies the Tea Drops philosophy of personal honesty and constant evolution. 

Alexandra Elle, better known as  Alex Elle, a self-published writer, mother, jewelry-maker, and powerfully inspirational figure for women al over the world is an exceptional member of the Tea Drops community. One day Alex Elle left a comment on our Instagram mentioning her excitement about our teas! Soon after, she ordered a few boxes and has been such a valued communitea member ever since sharing and living the Tea Drops philosophy. She is the author two amazing works of poetry: Love In My Language and Notes From A Wanderer. Her books explore life as a young single mother, her past, and communicate a message of hope for the future and an endless quest for self-discovery that is both admirable and relatable.

“I’ve always been a writer,” Elle says. “I found myself in writing my truth.”

One of my personal favorite quotes from Alex is from her poem "Likeness" which reaffirms everything I know to be true.

"No matter what I've gone through I've realized that light illuminates light; and from the true light of our souls love reflects back at us." 

There is such profound depth and understanding in that one sentence.  The Tea Drops team was so inspired by Alex’s wisdom, her soul-bearing truths, and her beautiful spirit that we recently decided to collaborate with her to spread her illuminating message as well as pay homage to her love for tea. Hence, the Alex Elle Experience by Tea Drops was born.



The Alex Elle Experience is an opportunity for you to begin your own journey of self-discovery through the wisdom of Alex's words and the comfort of her uniquely created tea blends. Stand in your own bravery and embark on a personal journey with a very introspective, unique, and delightful tea experience. 

The Alex Elle experience includes a handcrafted beautiful wooden Tea Drops box wrapped in decorative paper and finished off with a seal unique to the collection. 

Inside, though, is where the real treasures lie as each box of 8 Tea Drops is accompanied by an inspiring Alex Elle quote to keep as well as a special letter from Alex herself. Each tea selection was imagined by Alex Elle, and delicately handcrafted by Tea Drops. The box offers a complementing and unusually delicious mix of two organic Tea Drop selections: Mint Masala Chai and Cinnamon Matcha Green Tea.

In the past few days, I have been creating my own ritual with the Alex Elle Experience by surrounding myself in her works of writing, and a bountiful cup of delicious tea while journaling. It has been extremely soothing and enlightening. 



Beyond the blessings of your own journey, Alex Elle + Tea Drops have committed that 20% of all sales will go to Every Child Fed, an organization devoted to ending preventable child deaths due to malnutrition. Every Child Fed develops much-needed food production plants within communities and distributes vital food items to those who need it most.




Mint Masala Chai: ‘Masala’ means ‘a blend of spices’ and this delicious black tea does not disappoint. Intertwined with the energizing experience of cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger, this tea is also infused with calming spearmint leaves, and a hint of green tea. As always, this eclectic blend of invigorating tastes and smells is complimented lightly with a touch of raw organic sugar. Black tea is renowned for its hearth-healthy qualities and this wonderful blend proves great for the heart and the soul. Alex loves to enjoy this tea with a dash of cream or condensed milk. 


Cinnamon Matcha Green Tea: Perfect for those cold-weather days, warming cinnamon combines with smooth and creamy organic Matcha green tea to create a truly relaxing and enriching experience. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, detoxifies the body and contains natural amino acids that aid in relaxation while boosting memory, concentration, and the immune system.

The Alex Elle Experience is $17/box, with free shipping included. Only available for a limited time through the the end of December.  Click here to purchase

I hope you will join us to celebrate life, love, and strength through the words of the beautiful Alex Elle and the rich beauty of this very special tea collaboration.

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