#MotivationMonday: Success Happens Over Nights

#MotivationMonday: Success Happens Over Nights


Whether you are starting your own business, beginning your first years of college, or aspiring to be an Olympic athlete, success—and the measurement of success—becomes a theme by which you lead your life.

When you look at those who are “successful”—entrepreneurs or even Hollywood actors who seem to spring to fame overnight—it is easy to get caught up and measure yourself against their end result because that is all that you can tangibly see of this journey they have taken to get from point A to point B.

Maybe you won’t see the burgeoning small business enterpriser who spent sleepless nights strategizing ways to get their start-up funded, off the ground, and into the “real world.” The stories of endless months of fruitless auditions and years of expensive acting lessons probably aren’t going to show up on an IMDB. However, the road to success is paved by time, perseverance, a little luck and a wealth of hard work.

There are seldom days off for those who are trying their best to make their own way and earn success for themselves through their own creativity and means. There are no “secret hacks” to jumping the line and going from a dream to living the dream.

Whatever goal you have in mind, no matter how big or how small, is achievable because you are incredibly capable, if you are willing to work, risk, and hope. Here are some thoughts to get you inspired.

  • Take it one day at a time. Sometimes, when you look at the overarching trek ahead, your goal seems like an overwhelming task. Each moment of each day is an opportunity and take joy in and pause to acknowledge the small successes that all add up to equal one large achievement.
  • Take the “small things” in stride. The road to ingenuity, independence, and success is rarely smooth. There are always bumps along the way but these obstacles are each a priceless chance to learn something you may never learn and for that, you will always benefit.
  • Be flexible. You may not realize that this off-the-wall, happenstance detour that seems to utterly unrelated to your business, craft, or interests, opens enormous doors that can lead the way to your ultimate goal.
  • Don’t be afraid to work hard. Sleepless nights, sweat, and tears are all testaments that you are “getting things done.” Don’t be daunted by hardship or difficulty; they are all ways to strengthen yourself and your skills and bolster yourself up so that when you make it to the top, you’re tough and ready to show that you are there to stay.

Success is rarely written overnight. Lasting success takes time, practice, and trial. Last of all, remember that the old adage is absolutely true: it is not about the destination but the journey that gets you there.

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