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HomeThe Blog#MotivationMonday: Small & Steady Steps To Success

Here's to the final Monday of 2014! We made it through another year and we hope it was exciting, challenging, and full of unforgettable memories. As we look into the New Year, we are thinking of our resolutions, hopes, and dreams for 2015 and how we can best harness these aspirations for success and change. So, settle on in for the last #MotivationMonday of 2014 and let's make it a great one!

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What will your New Year's Resolution be? Whatever the goal you choose to focus on may be--no matter how big or small--the best advice we can share is articulated perfectly in Robert Collier's quote. Small efforts, small victories, and even small pitfalls all add up to big results. Sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed by that big final goal that looms at the finish line. When you keep in mind that it is not about the destination but the journey and you will be well-poised to staying on task, motivated, and positive on the exciting but arduous journey of achieving something wonderful and personal this year.

In light of that, we have been brainstorming here at Tea Drops how we can best help you in the pursuit of your goals (besides supplying you with healthy and delicous tea!). We thought about what has helped us stay focused in our own personal and professional efforts. We hope they help you too! 

Here are our top 3 recommendations o help you be consistent with your efforts:

1. Keep a daily log of your progress: Whether you use a good ol' trusted notepad, journal, or mobile app like Evernote -- keep a consistent log of your progress on any goal. One great quote we've come across is that "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. And if you can't manage it, you can't succeed" So, if you want to measure the progress of your success whether your training for a marathon, gaining a new skill, or planning for a trip -- use a daily log to monitor your progress.

2. Have a supportive crew: One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated and on track with your goals is to have an uplifting and supportive community to encourage you. If you are able to find a few friends or family members that you share a common goal with, you can consider creating a regular meet-up wtih them (weekly or monthly) to talk about the progress of your goals and create accountability. 

3. Work on your goal at a set time everyday: Setting aside a specific time during your day (research shows early mornings are when you have the most focus) to work on your goal helps you make that behavior a habit. It helps if you work on the goal at the same exact time of day, every day. If you are setting a goal to be more globally or politically aware -- set aside 30 minutes at 7am each morning before work to read the news. A reccent study in the Huffington Post states it takes around 2 months for a habit to form (66 days to be exact), so make sure you are doing everything you can via consistent behavior to make that habit stick. 

As you set up your goals for the New Year and even as you are on your journey toward a better self, we hope that you keep these pointers in mind. Don't ever be discouraged, it is the small drops of water that make a mighty ocean. Be consistent in your actions and success will surely be yours!