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With the ringing in of a brand new year, we often find ourselves considering the positive changes we can make to better our minds, bodies, spirits, and souls. Here at Tea Drops, we are more inspired than ever to help our community incorporate a healthy tea regimen into their daily routines. With this in mind, we are so excited to announce the Natural Healing Tea Drops collection, with a new flavor to launch every week of January. Our inaugural selection, available now in our shop, is one that is famous for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties--we are so thrilled to bring this new dimension to the Tea Drops experience! 

The Turmeric Tea Drop is a simple but invigorating blend of raw organic turmeric root and sweet, and creamy organic coconut sugar. Native to Southeast Asia, turmeric has been hailed for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. Each Tea Drop contains a full teaspoon--the recommended dosage for harnessing the benefits of this root--of turmeric, giving your tea a peppery, earthy kick that is soothed and complimented sweetly by the coconut sugar. From anti-inflammatory properties, to increasing brain aptitude, to promoting a radiant complexion, this sphere-shaped morsel packs quite the healing punch to a delicious and wholesome tea experience. 

Here are some of our favorite benefits to adding turmeric--and, in particular, its wondrous anti-inflammatory property, curcumin--to your health and wellness routine.

  • Drinking turmeric tea can be good for your brain. How? Turmeric helps promote the growth of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, a type of growth hormone. Notably, a deficiency of this hormone is prevalent in many brain disorders including depression and Alzheimer’s. Along these lines, it may also boost memory. 
  • Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is good for your heart health and may even help prevent heart disease.
  • Turmeric can be beneficial in cancer treatment and can reduce the growth of cancer cells as well as contribute to the death of tumor cells.
  • As a natural anti-inflammatory, many arthritis patients respond well to turmeric.
  • Tummy issues? This tea can help curb stomach aches and heartburn.
  • Among pre-diabetics, curcumin capsules can delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.
  • Curcumin supports bone health and overall skeletal system well-being. (Helpful tip: Further boost your bone health when you enjoy the Turmeric Tea Drop with milk!)

    And last but not least...
  • It also helps promote healthy blood and liver functions.

Whether you are looking for a natural (and tasty) way to improve your memory recall or seeking a holistic approach to tackling some of life's common ailments, the Turmeric Tea Drop is specially crafted with the earth's natural gifts to enhance your physical and mental health. 

We recommend enjoying this lively caffeine-free tea blended together with warm whole, almond, or coconut milk that is lightly boiled. Simply drop your Tea Drop in and stir briefly at a lower temperate for a breakfast beverage that is sure to enliven, power, and inspire you through the rest of your day.

We hope that you will enjoy the Natural Healing Collection as much as we did in creating it for you. All blends in this line are formulated to work in harmony with each other to enhance your overall wellness goals.

Turmeric Tea Drops come to you in their signature package of 8 morsels with our compostable box option priced at $12 and our wooden gift box priced at $14.

Here's to your happiness and health in 2015! 

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