Yerba Mate Tea Drops Are Here!

Yerba Mate Tea Drops Are Here!

We hope you all had a chance to peek at our delicious Turmeric Tea Drop, the first blend in our Natural Healing Tea Drops line. We are thrilled to reveal the next Tea Drop in this wonderful and health-conscious series: the Yerba Mate Tea Drop. I was asked by a friend last month to create a unique tea blend as Tea Drop gift favors for her upcoming wedding in the Bahamas. Her and her soon-to-be husband wanted me to create a Yerba Mate Tea Drop for their special day. Though I had heard many great things about Yerba Mate, it never dawned on me until that moment to make a tea blend from it. Once I started researching Yerba Mate and experimenting with this natural plant, its history and inherent energy boosting attributes appealed to me and I had to make it an official Tea Drops selection.

Yerba Mate is the plant from a tree that originates from South America. Steeping its leaves and stems creates a beverage of the same name that boasts a number of health benefits, making it an ideal member of our Natural Healing Experience.

Our Yerba Mate Tea Drops are crafted from organic raw yerba mate (air dried, not smoked) and raw coconut sugar, making for a lightly sweet treat that is also a natural source of caffeine (with approximately 85mg per 8 oz. serving--of course, actual caffeine content varies based on steep time and quality of the tea leaves). 

We recommend that you enjoy a cup at breakfast time or as an afternoon-pick-me-up for a tasty and healthy mind and body boost. This Tea Drop boasts a light yet earthy taste reminiscent of green tea that combined with the creaminess of coconut palm sugar create a mildl taste yet energizing beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Here are some of our favorite benefits of Yerba Mate:

1. Antioxidant Rich: Yerba mate possesses 90% more antioxidants than green tea! Antioxidants are praised for doing everything from detoxifying the blood, to reducing signs of aging, and even is said to play a part in the prevention of many types of cancer.

2. Natural Energy Boost: Yerba Mate contains 24 minerals and vitamins as well as 15 amino acids all which help balance the caffeine content in the tea. Drinkers cite increased mental energy and focus without any of the downsides of consuming caffeine. So, if you're looking for a headache- and jitter-free way to power yourself through your day, this is it!

3. Metabolism Booster: Yerba mate is a metabolism-booster because it helps your body process carbohydrates more effectively. What this means for you is added energy as your body harnesses the nutrients from food more efficiently. Adding yerba mate to your diet also encourages your body to burn calories in your fat stores.

4. Endurance Enhancing: This tea is great for those pursuing an active lifestyle because it helps inspire endurance: Regular yerba mate consumption helps prevent lactic acid from building up in your muscles. This will help reduce soreness and help you recuperate from a workout faster. 

5. Digestion Aid: Yerba mate aids digestion as it encourages production of bile and other gastric acids as well as keeps stomach bacteria responsible for bad breath at bay. It also helps keep the colon clean--it's a total body conditioner!

6. Healthy Appetite Control: The stimulant qualities of this tea also trigger your brain to make you feel fuller sooner and routine consumption can boost metabolism, two ways to help with weight management.

For those with a delicate palette, yerba mate contains less tannins than tea making it a great choice for those who love milder tea varieties. 

We are absolutely thrilled to add this wonderful offering to the Natural Healing line. This tea is simple but mighty as it conditions your mind, body, and spirit for optimum performance. Remember, a healthy body is a happy one! Learn more here.

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