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At Tea Drops we are always looking for the best foods to put in our body because our inner health radiates outwards. For those who avoid "traditional" sugar but still want a bit of sweetness with their tea, we have Tea Drops selections in our collections that cater to an alternative (and very earth derived) source for great taste: coconut sugar.

The two teas in our Natural Healing Experience--the Turmeric Tea Drop and the Yerba Mate Tea Drop--are sweetened with a bit of raw coconut sugar. Aside from being an absolutely creamy and delicious way to sweeten your drink, here are some of our favorite interesting facts and benefits that will hopefully inspire you to give coconut sugar a try!

  • FROM THE EARTH: Coconut palm sugar is harvested by tapping the blossoms of the coconut tree. The sweet nectar is then collected and condensed into pure golden sugar--one of the world's healthiest sweeteners.
  • LOW GLYCEMIC & NUTRIENT RICH: This type of sugar is notably high in magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, contains 12 of the essential B vitamins, and is naturally low on the glycemic scale. These vitamins and minerals are necessary for many bodily functions such as muscle and bone growth, cognitive and immune development, as well as healthy cell production. 
  • IMMUNITY BOOSTING: Coconut itself is a source of natural, "good" fats that contain lauric acid and are anti-microbial, immune-boosting, and cancer-fighting. It also helps the body process and metabolize sugars more efficiently--which is always beneficial to your waistline!
  • HAPPY TUMMY: The sugar also contain inulin, which is a pre-biotic that "feeds" the probiotic in your digestive tract--here's to a happy tummy!

Our teas contain less than 1 Teaspoon of coconut palm sugar. We hope that you'll give coconut palm sugar a try because it's a sweet and creamy addition that definitely gives back!

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