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Amidst the heart-wrenching postings on natural disasters and civil unrest, these words of wisdom shined through as a beacon of hope, optimism, and truth.  

We have written before on this blog about how to deal with rejection, as well as tips on how to stay motivated and how to maximize positivity, regardless of your goal. Today, we are going to talk candidly about what happens when we are in the thick of the darkness, in the midst of that struggle, and hopefully reach out to anyone who is having a rough time in their lives that they are not alone. We've all been there and there is light on the other side. So, please, make yourself a cup of tea (I myself had many cups of therapeutic and comforting tea when waters were rough and found that it slowly sipping on something warm was incredibly healing.) and take a moment with us.

Life is full of ups and downs. 

I firmly believe that we are given tests and trials because the difficult times gives us perspective and allows us to truly appreciate the sweet, wonderful moments of life. How many times do we process our loss, denial, anger, frustration, and then realize that what we once perceived as a door slamming in our faces was merely a push in another, better direction? 

Even when things seem bleakest, there are still silver linings, positive messages, and chances to learn and strengthen from any situation.

I was on Instagram checking in on some fellow small businesses and a post I came across really resonated. The shop owner was sharing a photo of her new handbag and below it recounted her story about starting her business and how far she has come. She wrote about a time in the not-so-distant past when she received assistance to help feed her family. Only six months later, she can  stand on their own two feet, she cultivates work she genuinely loves, and this has brought her so much success that now she can afford extras in her life that she only once used to dream of. 

While what she purchased may not mean that much to someone else, to her, it was a symbol of progress and reminder of her humble beginnings. We at Tea Drops always try to remind ourself regularly about our humble beginnings, too, and it truly helps to focus and drive us towards our goals every day.

It is in times of turmoil that we learn and hone strength. 

Whether it's physical or emotional, we often realize strength we never knew we possessed when duty requires us to step up. There have been a couple instances in my life where I have had to start from the ground up, with nothing. Feeling a bit bruised and downtrodden, these are often the moments where we stretch ourselves the most and take the greatest risks--because we have absolutely nothing to lose, right? Whether it's packing up our lives and driving across the country to start a new one elsewhere from the ground up or learning how to be at peace alone, life throws us situations that allow us to discover strength, independence, and a side of ourselves we never knew existed. 

When Everything Comes Up Roses

I often hear people (and honestly I often think this, too!) say that it is so easy to be kind, generous, and open-hearted when times are good. We are happy and often radiate our best selves. When the world is handing us lemonade, it's just so easy to the see the best in everything. When we've seen the ugly side of humanity, suddenly the kindhearted are taken advantage of, gullible, inexperienced. I firmly believe--and I challenge you to consider this--that it takes true courage and strength to be kind. It takes bravery and perspective to be gentle and perspective rarely ever comes without a generous dose of experience.  

Move Forward in Kindness

I challenge you to make a conscious effort to stay kind-hearted and transparent. I challenge you to try to see the best in people and see where this mindset and attitude takes you. I wager to believe that it will lead you to greater heights and opportunities.A gentle and kind heart is not a sign of weakness; it's a sign of confidence and fortitude. Not only that, but when you radiate positive energy, you attract exactly what you broadcast out into the atmosphere around you. You may be surprised at the opportunities and moments you are given once you take a leap of faith, have courage, and are kind. 

Regardless of what you are going through, you are not alone. No matter how dark things seem, eventually the storm must pass and dawn must break. And it is my hope that while those thunderclouds are gathering, you choose to smile, take courage, and are inspired to put forth positive change in your life so that you can get to enjoying the sunshine soon. You are only given one life--make the most of it!

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