100,000 Tea Drops served!

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It astounds me that since the birth of Tea Drops, we have now handcrated and served over 100K Tea Drops to our communiTEA! There are not a lot of milestones that give me this wow factor because frankly entrepreneurism is not a short sprint, it's this long marathon and at times you feel like you are just inching by and hardly making progress. To have the opportunity to look back over these past few years and see the culmination of my team's hard work is one I sincerely treasure.

This is not just a growth metric for me, but I honestly think of each and every person who has enjoyed a cup of our tea. What were they doing while sipping on Tea Drops? Working? Hanging with friends? On a vacation? Relaxing? All of these happy possibilities flood my mind.  It also makes me think of the thousands of people I have personally met over these past few years at shows and events. We've been able to exchange so many stories and experiences together over cups of tea. Our conversations have extended far beyond tea, allowing me to learn more about your hopes, your hobbies, and the best places to eat in your city (a very important question of mine) :)

For Tea Drops to be even a small ritual in your day is such a privilege for me, I am so grateful for that opportunity. Thank you for all the encouragement, and for supporting our growing tea movement towards simple, sustainable, and delicious tea for all! 

As a thank you: Take 10% all orders today only (9/1/15) with checkout code: TEA100KDAY

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Sashee Chandran

Founder & CEO


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