CRPS Awareness: Orange IS the new Black

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Brynne and I enjoying teatime at the Getty Villa's Tea by the Sea afternoon tea

One of my best friends, Brynne, has been a HUGE Tea Drops supporter from Day One. She's always encouraging my pursuits, cheering me on, and even hustling shows and retailers to get new accounts. I joke with her that once she visits a new city, I don't go too long without receiving call from a retail store in that city for a tea order. She introduces Tea Drops wherever she goes. I am so, so grateful to her as a friend and Tea Drops advocate.

For the last 9 years, Brynne has been bravely battling with CRPS/RSD which stands for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Most of you have probably never heard of it, and understandably. It is an "invisible" disease that shows very little physical detection of its presence, and receives very little attention because most doctors have a difficult time diagnosing and/or treating it. In fact, Brynne from an outsider's perspective often looks perfectly" healthy" and yet inside, her limbs and body feel like they are perpetually on fire, often severely debilitating her to the point where she can't get out of bed. The pain is chronic and has no consideration for your prior plans or daily agenda. 

McGill pain index ranks the pain associated with CRPS to be more painful than childbirth, or even amputation! Could you imagine living your day normally with that level of chronic pain? I wince when someone even playfully pinches me! 

I've watched Brynne bravely try to live a "normal" life despite the pain. Brynne is one of the most loyal friends I know and yet I've watched how her pain has often isolated her from other people who don't understand how someone can look so healthy, yet feel so sick. In our society, it appears difficult to have compassion for those who do not look "sickly." Her disease is not hers alone either, her family members lovingly sacrifice so much to offer patience and find treatment for a disesase that perpetually robs them. 

November is CRPS/RSD Awareness Month and the desigated color to show support is orange, to symbolize fire, which is what it often feels like for those suffering from CRPS. It's time to bring awareness to this and other invisible diseases. Hopefully by talking about it, we make it more visible and get us on the path for finding a cure. It's also a gentle reminder to be considerate and patient of others, as you never know what they are battling internally whether it be medically related or not. 

In support of Brynne and the CRPS/RSD community, Tea Drops will be donating 50% of all sales of our "orange" tea, Turmeric Tea Drops, to the entire month of November. That's $7 each box that will go to support of awareness. actively provides support, education, and advances medical research for the CRPS community -- and is a huge resource for patients and families. 

I find it ironic that our Turmeric tea is known for reducing inflammation in the body, which is precisely what CRPS/RSD triggers in the body (inflammation). 

I'm counting on you, CommuniTEA! Come show your support and let's bring light to CRPS/RSD together. You can start purchasing your boxes in support here. And don't forget to rock orange this month! 

Thank you for your support! Tea Drop on! 


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