International Tea Day 2015

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With the holidays in full force, and many diverse celebrations this last month of the year -- we are also celebrating the all important Tea trade with International Tea Day. 

International Tea Day was established on December 15, 2005 by major tea producing countries, such as Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and Malaysia (to name a few). This day particularly brings attention and recognition to the impact of the global tea trade on the environment, workers, small producers, and consumers. With the tea industry in the United States alone growing into a double digit billion dollar industry -- there are many global citizens involved who are committed to bringing you that perfect cup of tea. 

It is really important to us at Tea Drops that we continue to support tea growers who practice sustainable tea production methods, provide fair/competitive wages to workers, and treat suppliers and employees with dignity. This is why we have always supported 100% organic tea growers and continue to search for exclusively fair trade suppliers. As this industry continues to grow, there are many who are unfortunately positioned to be exploited. It is our jobs collectively to take time to research where our tea comes from and ensure that what we're sipping on tastes delightful and is harvested ethically. Join us in this mission! 

In celebration of International Tea Day, tag a friend you'd like to enjoy a delicious cuppa with, and be entered to win both a box for you and a box for him/her! The winner will be announced on December 17th! 

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