5 Ways to Actually Keep Your New Years Resolutions

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With the new year rolling around the pressure is on to find a new start and clean slate. But, we all have that friend (okay, maybe we are that friend) that never finishes what they start. We’ve set up some guidelines for you that are sure to help you get through the year and receive the outcome you want!


Don’t go it alone! Find someone who has similar goals as you and come together to hold each other accountable. It will also be helpful to have someone who can relate to the way you are feeling. To talk you through the lows and celebrate the highs with you!


It’s kind of like that scenario where you got in trouble in elementary and had to write that wouldn’t disobey the teacher ever again over and over. Keeping a journal where you write your goals and experiences during this time can be super helpful and motivating, especially during times of struggle. Another take on the aspect is putting up motivating messages around places you frequent to encourage you and give you a little reminder to keep going! You can take dry erase markers to mirrors or use post its! Studies show the more you physically write down your goals, the more you are likely to achieve them. You can read all about it here!


You have to be real with yourself! Don’t set unreasonable goals that will lead to quitting. For example, choose goals that are attainable with time. Start with short term goals, complete those,  and advance when you start seeing results! Often making crazy resolutions you know you can’t keep or that seem even slightly overwhelming can be discouraging from the very beginning. Start small and build up! You’ll see progress a lot quicker than you think.


A lot of people assume that since it’s the new year, you have to start on day one, which is false! Chances are on the 31st, you probably haven’t really thought through what you want your resolution to be anyway! You should start whenever you’re ready! If you’re not in the correct mindset or you’re not sure you want to commit to a goal, you’re setting yourself up to not see it through! Take the time to prepare and plan ahead.


Keep note of your progress and if you know someone who is an expert in those areas seek advice and ask questions! The more knowledge you can gain along the way and track, the more you can visualize your goal.  Smartphones and apps can be your best friend when it comes to this. Try an app like HabitBull which can give you reminders and keep you on track.

Now that it’s laid out for you, sit down and get to planning. The only thing that can stop you is YOU!  

Happy New Year!

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