Behind the Scenes: Tea Drops Gratitude Dinner

Behind the Scenes: Tea Drops Gratitude Dinner

We started Tea Drops Gratitude Day because frankly, we have a lot to be grateful for. It was also a wonderful reason to shower our customers with appreciation. Though we work on the Tea Drops experience everyday, it's always important to hear directly from our community. Having that connection to our customers can only help us create even more magical moments for you to share through Tea Drops.

Recently, our team invited 10 of our Los Angeles local VIP customers to our office for a small office tour and gratitude dinner! The dinner (catered by Todo Verde) also included a sneak peek of products that are in development, a brand brainstorm and feedback session, but also a chance to get to know our customers! From their day to day, their family, their tea drinking habits, and the communities that are special to them, we covered it all!

"This is my favorite part of it all -- connection & realness face-to-face. Tea is what brought us together, humanity is what connects us," says Sashee, our founder, about the evening. 

Some snaps from the night: 

The setup! (The centerpiece by Sashee, our founder!)

Discussion underway!

Secret sampling of our new products in development!

The whole squad!

We hope we get the chance to meet ALL OF YOU in person soon!