Blueberry Acai Oatmeal Bowl

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Need the perfect meal to give you an extra push in the morning? Try our Blueberry Acai Oatmeal Bowl! The Blueberry Acai Tea Drops are the perfect addition to any ordinary oatmeal breakfast. Try it and throw some fruit on top for a different tea experience!

What you'll need:

1 Blueberry Acai Tea Drop

1/2 cup of plain oatmeal

1 cup of hot water

Optional additions:

Add some cinnamon for some spice or top with granola and fruit!


1. Heat water to a boil either on stove or in the microwave.

2. Once heated, add Tea Drop, and stir until fully dissolved!

3. Pour tea over oatmeal and stir evenly.

4. Add additional toppings and enjoy!

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