Check out these girlbosses and their fave Tea Drops!

Check out these girlbosses and their fave Tea Drops!


We're celebrating our favorite girlbosses all week long with 20% off select faves. Check out these awesome ladies and their Tea Drops picks below and make sure to use the code WED19 at checkout!

Sashee Chandran:  Chai Spice

Tea Drops founder Sashee Chandran loves Chai Spice. We see her sip on about three drops a day in the office! Fun fact about her favorite drop? It’s the first Tea Drop she ever created and she made it right in her own kitchen!

Tory Burch: BOOST Tea Sprinkles

This CEO loves BOOST, she even featured it in one of her holiday boxes sold in Tory Burch stores and online. “I’m a lifelong coffee drinker but they just might convert me,” Burch says about Tea Drops.

Chrissy Teigen: Citrus Ginger

One of our favorite bossbabes. Chrissy Teigen admitted she loves Tea Drops and made our lives when she did. “If you come to my house, you are hearing about this tea!”, says Teigen.

Oprah Magazine: Classic Assortment Box


Oprah Magazine loves variety! They featured our convenient classic assortment box because they know it’s the perfect gift.