Dandelion Tea Benefits: 15 Shocking Scientific Reasons To Love It

Dandelion Tea Benefits: 15 Shocking Scientific Reasons To Love It

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The Healing Power of Dandelion Flowers


A caller on many green gardens, the humble dandelion flower with its fluffy yellow head has long been misunderstood. This bright plant is often seen as a weed, but the dandelion plant makes for an excellent herbal root remedy to add to your tea.


The bright burst petals that turn to seed pods that shift easily in the wind; the dandelion takes its name from the French for lions tooth and is similar in look to chrysanthemums. It has the longest blooming season of all the plants often adorning fields and gardens from spring straight through the summer. The seeds are as light as air and can be carried as far as five miles from their origin, which helps explain how they seem to pop up in every nook and cranny.


Dandelions are bursting with a whole range of health benefits and can have a delicately sweet taste or be a truly robust drink. Being naturally caffeine-free and easy to get hold of, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t brew up a beautiful cup and let those healing properties get to work. Take a look as we delve deeper into all the dandelion tea benefits


What Is Dandelion Tea?

Dandelion tea is a tisane often made from the dandelion root and is an ancient herbal medicine. It can also be called dandelion coffee because of its dark coloring. Dandelion tea is often made with the root of the plant but the stem, leaves, and the whole plant can also be brewed. Drinking dandelion tea is believed to have certain benefits to health.


Dandelion tea is sometimes used as a coffee substitute for those who like the tasting notes and charm of coffee but can’t handle the caffeine. The dark coloring and deep and smoky-tasting notes of the dandelion root are comparative to coffee but you can also brew dandelion leaves and stem to create a lighter floral palate. As you can see, this herbal tea can be super versatile and come loaded with lots of essential nutrients and vitamins to give you a boost.


Dandelion pops its yellow head up everywhere. From the meadows of Eastern Europe to your own backyard. You can go out with a basket and pick this vibrant and hearty root yourself or you can buy up pre-picked, dried, and bagged dandelion tea to make it a fuss-free experience and to avoid the potential pitfalls of picking up pesticides.


The Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea

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In the future, before you weed and write off this route, first take a read of all the ways in which dandelion tea may be able to boost your health. Fresh with flower power, this common yellow flower comes loaded with plenty of health benefits. Packed with vitamins, sterols, flavonoids, and minerals, it’s no wonder that for centuries this flower has been used as a medicinal remedy in both brew and broth. Believed to help with everything from helping detox the body to reducing bloat, and even lending a helping hand when it comes to cutting out UTI’s, here are all the awesome benefits of brewing up a cup of dandelion tea…


1.Healing Diuretic Effect

For those who are forever in a battle with bloating or have the need to flush their system, drinking dandelion tea can be a natural diuretic. This brew can help your body to pee, which in turn can rid your liver and kidneys of toxins and keep you fresh and fit.


2. Lowers Blood Sugar

With diabetes type 2 on the rise, it helps to have dandelion tea in your arsenal too. According to a piece published in Diabetic Studies, dandelions can help to moderate blood sugar levels and to improve insulin tolerance too.


3) Gives Tons of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are just about the best thing your body can get and luckily dandelion tea delivers a high dose. It is especially high in beta-carotene which helps prevent cellular damage and oxidative stress. Antioxidants are super important for helping your body to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals contribute to everything from speeding up the signs of aging to developing disease so anything you can do to cut out their presence in the body is going to greatly improve your health.


4) Helps with Detox

Say farewell to toxins as you get into the habit of sipping dandelion tea on a daily basis. This ancient healing brew can help to cleanse and maintain correct liver health. The liver is an essential organ for keeping the blood filtered and detoxed which is why anything that can improve liver health and reduce the risk of liver disease should be considered a healthy remedy.


5) Lowers Cholesterol

Bringing your cholesterol level down is important for those who want to reduce the risk of heart disease and other issues. A 2012 animal study showed that dandelion could help reduce hyperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia is the term used for when you have high lipid levels in the blood and these lipids include cholesterol. The research found that animals who consumed dandelion root extract had a decrease in their cholesterol. While human studies are needed to set the record straight, this could be a potential bonus to sipping dandelion tea.

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6) Promotes Weight Loss

Some recent studies came out of Korea that compared the dandelion root and its rich properties to some weight loss drugs (namely Orlistat). It’s believed that dandelion can also inhibit pancreatic lipase. This fact combined with dandelions ability to stop the body from retaining water adds up to it being a potential candidate for helping when it comes to being an all-natural and effective weight-loss strategy for those who are struggling with obesity.


7) Lowers Blood Pressure

Shrink your blood pressure to a healthy level with a daily drink of dandelion tea. This floral bright brew is ripe with potassium. Potassium is an awesome form of electrolytes for the body and can help the kidneys to filter toxins and improves blood flow.


8) High in Vitamins and Nutritious

 The dandelion packs a mighty punch and comes full of all kinds of vitamins and minerals. Dandelion tea is high in vitamin A and vitamin C, both of which boost the immune system and encourages healthy cell growth. It also helps our eyesight and reduces the signs of premature aging. Dandelions are also brightened with vitamin K which helps bone health and is essential to blood clotting. Dandelions are also rich in potassium, magnesium, and calcium making them a nutritionists dream and excellent for your overall wellness. 


9) Helps Urinary Tract Infections

The mashup of awesome antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties means that drinking dandelion tea is good for battling all kinds of infections and studies have shown that it can also help you to kick out urinary tract infections fast when combined with uva ursi. This is also linked to dandelion teas natural diuretic capabilities.


10) Naturally Anti-inflammatory

Ripe with anti-inflammatory properties, drinking dandelion tea can help keep you fighting fit. Studies have shown that all the parts of the dandelion plant hold antioxidant properties and natural anti-inflammatories. As inflammation can play a major role in many ailments and diseases, drinking dandelion tea can reduce these risks and generally boost your health for the better.


11) Improves the Immune System

Fight off infection and get protected against a whole swathe of harmful bacteria as you turn to the boost of dandelion tea. This robust root may have a host of antimicrobial and antiviral powers, both of which help your body to fend off short term and long-term ailments. Test-tube studies also found that dandelion reduced the capability for viruses to replicate and spread inside the body.


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12) Lowers Risk of Cancer

There have been a whole host of studies recently delving into how natural remedies can help in the fight against cancer or when it comes to reducing the risks of developing cancer. Tea has played a major role in this and dandelion tea is also making that list. A recent study looked at the effects dandelion root was having on melanoma cells in humans. It found that the dandelion was inducing the death of skin cancer cells. Of course, its early days and this trial didn’t include humans but it makes for intriguing reading for sure.


13) Shortens the Length of the Flu

Flu season is never any fun and for those who have been struck down by influenza, you may want to sip on some dandelion tea to help your body get fighting fit and back to normal. Dandelion extract has been studied to see if it can reduce virus levels. While this test was done in vitro and human studies are needed, the results did show a positive result that dandelion can cut down flu time without negative effects.


14) Improves Skin Health

A vision of spring, flower extract and other plants are often found stashed in skin care creams and products thanks to their floral powers to soothe and heal. Dandelion is no exception and this bright little bloom is believed to help protect skin against damage from the sun, the premature signs of aging, and even acne. Dandelion reduces inflammation and is also said to boost collagen production and hydration, leaving you looking dewy and fresh all day long.


15) Promotes Gut Health & Gut Flora

For those who suffer from digestive issues, just brew up a cup of dandelion tea and let this ancient folk remedy work its magic. This bright and bold flower knows exactly how to set your stomach straight as it can help finetune your flow of bile, soothe the stomach lining, and help the gut absorb all those much- needed minerals. The dandelion plant is also found to increase your bodies natural probiotic properties by boosting your lactobacillus.


Side Effects

While plenty of people enjoy dandelion tea without any side effects at all, there are some who may want to check in with their medical professionals first. Those who should not drink dandelion tea or should check in first includes those who have an allergy to ragweed as dandelion could trigger a reaction.

People on certain medications may also want to go easy on dandelion tea as it can interfere with certain medicines, especially diuretic medicine, people on medicine for kidneys, and certain antibiotics. Remember to check in with your doctor first.


Dandelion Root Tea Recipe

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If you can’t find dandelion tea at your local store, you can easily go out and make your own. For fresh dandelion tea make sure that no herbicides or pesticides have been used on the area before picking the flowers.


The Flowers

·        Place six flowers or leaves in a cup.

·        Add hot water and let steep for 15-20 minutes.

·        Enjoy


The Roots

For those who enjoy a heartier coffee-like brew, skip the delicate flowers and go straight for the root.

·        Wash and chop the root.

·        Roast on low in the oven for 2 hours.

·        Add one teaspoon to your cup.

·        Pour on hot water.

·        Let steep for ten minutes.

·        Enjoy.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dandelion Tea

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Can you drink dandelion tea every day?

Yes, you can easily enjoy a cup of dandelion greens every day to build up those bountiful health benefits.


Does dandelion tea make you poop?

Drinking dandelion tea can keep you regular as it aids your digestive system. For those who are struggling with constipation, a cup of dandelion tea can be just the ticket.


Is dandelion tea safe?

For most people drinking dandelion tea will have no side effects and in-fact can bring a burst of health benefits. However, those who should skip the tea or check in with their healthcare provider first include anyone who has had allergic reactions to ragweed or sensitivity and those who are currently on medication – especially for kidneys and antibiotics.


How much dandelion root tea per day?

Start your day with a cup of dandelion root tea and build it up slowly if you wish to consume more. Dandelion has diuretic properties and can increase your urination output, so its important to go gentle and let your body adjust to it first.


Is dandelion tea acidic or alkaline?

Dandelion root tea is alkaline-based which means it won’t have a negative effect on your tooth enamel.


Wrap Up

A delicate or deeply satisfying tea that grows in your own garden? Yes please. Now we know that dandelions are ripe with all kinds of health benefits and make for a delicious brew too, we won’t consider them a pesky weed any longer. Sunny and bright, this beautiful tea is great on its own or you can blend it with turmeric or balance with green tea or chamomile to enhance its flavor profile and boost the benefits.


Did you know that dandelion tea was so good for you? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Medical Disclaimer: While we have delved into the research available on the health benefits of these teas, this is for informative purposes only and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. Those who have any health-related queries should reach out to a medical professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.