Earth Day 2022: Tea Drops Sustainability

We love you, Mother Earth


With Earth Day coming up, we want to remind you of how important it is to love and restore our planet. There are plenty of easy ways to cut down on energy and water use and live a more sustainable lifestyle overall! Below are some:

At home:
  • Reuse, use and upcycle empty containers
  • Hang clothes to dry instead of using the dryer
  • Give composting a try to reduce food waste
  • Start taking shorter showers


  • Support sustainable brands
  • Use reusable bags when grocery shopping
  • Shop at bulk food stores
  • Buy second-hand clothes and goods wherever possible
  • Shop less and resist impulse buys


Let's peek into what makes Tea Drops sustainable and how we can grow to do even more for our beautiful planet.

 Our goal - working toward a more sustainable product - has been part of our mission since we were founded. Tea Drops are already less waste than a traditional tea bag.


how we recycle


While our tea cylinders are already 100% compostable, recently, we’ve changed our indvidual tea packaging to incorporate 30% PCR. PCR packaging means less waste in landfills and water sources. Non-recyclable products create massive landfills that may contain soil toxins. They can also get into rivers and oceans, creating pollution and endangering wildlife. The adoption of PCR packaging can reduce your contribution to this problem.


reusable teaware and glasses
overall benefits
Our next step is to further reduce plastics and to improve on what we have already saved. While we realize, we are not 100% there, we are actively in search of a pouch that is fully compostable, but can also protect the quality of the Tea Drop by ensuring freshness and protection in transit. Thanks for your patience with us as we evolve -- we appreciate your support!