Posted by Chandni Patel

Autumn is a time for relaxation, for cooler weather, and for enjoying the brilliant colorful phenomenon of Mother Nature as she prepares for her long winter’s rest. We love this time of year and so, to share in the spirit of the season we introduce Cardamom Spice Tea Drops which are now available in our shop!

The Cardamom Spice Tea Drop is a delicious and healthy mix.  Cardamom is a warm spice, home to the evergreen forests of Southern India. This bold spice has been revered around the world for its pleasant aroma and sweet taste. However, it is so much more than just an exotic spice. Breaking open the pods reveals the plethora of health benefits it has to offer.  

Some of the health benefits include:

Digestive Aid:  Cardamom kick-starts the secretion of digestive juices to stimulate appetite, which makes digestion and absorption of food more efficient. Its relaxing effect on our smooth muscle in the digestive tract also helps to settle the stomach.

Detoxification: Cardamom is known to detoxify the body. The spice cleans and remove all the waste from the body through the kidneys.  

Congestion Relief: Cardamom has the properties of an expectorant, so it helps break up mucus and congestion in sinuses and lungs.   

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Cardamom has a unique taste that many consider comforting & flavorful, making it a good and healthy steep to enjoy everyday.

As always, Tea Drop on!


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