Get To Know Our Brand Ambassador: Kimberlie Reed

Get To Know Our Brand Ambassador: Kimberlie Reed

This week we wanted to highlight one of our first Brand Ambassadors!


We talked to Kimberlie Reed who is one of our most active ambassadors, We enjoying her amazing TikTok videos that we see everyday, sharing her love for Tea Drops through her Instagram as well. 


We hope you enjoy this conversation with our Ambassador,Kimberlie. It has truly been a joy to see all of the content she comes up with and shares with her followers.



How did you discover Tea Drops?
I was bored with all the tea brands that I was finding in my local grocery store, so I decided to look for a new tea brand with a variety of unique flavors to choose from. A Tea Drops advertisement came across my social media account and I decided to click and see what it was all about! After trying my first Tea Drops cup of magic I was hooked and have now spread my love to family members!


What has been your favorite part of the Brand Ambassador program so far?

I have loved how the Ambassador program has kept me in a creative mindset, helping me to share my love of Tea Drops on all my social media platforms. With the different activities and challenges, I’ve been able to keep my creativity flowing and have fun in the process. The Ambassador program has really helped the past year go by a little bit faster. It’s been really cool to meet other Ambassadors and see how other people are being creative. 


Do you have any Tea Drops combinations or recipes you would like to share with us?

My go to recipe is what I like to call: Chocolate Covered Strawberry

  • one Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Drop
  • one Strawberry Shortcake Tea Drop
  • 4oz Hot Water
  • 2oz Vanilla Almond Milk Foam 
  • Cocoa Powder for the top 


What stands out to you about Tea Drops as a company and community?

I love how inspiring it is to see a company that was created, founded, and run by women. I really love that it is a company that gives back. The Tea Drops community is so kind, supportive and welcoming and it helps uplift you and put a smile on your face. I feel that we as a communitea really helped each other get through 2020!



We love seeing all the TikToks that you post, so could you tell us what has been your favorite part of creating videos for that community?

I have really enjoyed being creative with the whole process. It have been fun to research and pick which songs would go best with Tea Drops. I enjoy sharing my love of tea with all my followers and hopefully attract some new Tea Drops lovers!


Disney seems to be a huge favorite of yours so, can you share with us what you love about it?

Disney to me has always been about family and imagination. Disney was a really big part my childhood, because growing up we would always take a big family vacation there. So Disney holds a special place in my heart. It has always sparked my imagination and creativity. Disney is something that brings my whole family together from my grandparents all the way down.



Community is a huge aspect with Tea Drops, what’s something you have done or loved hearing about in your community? 

I have been coaching cheerleading in my community for over 15 years now and find it very rewarding. I started out coaching the little ones and now am coaching at my high school Alma Mater.


Has your daily routine changed at all throughout the pandemic, and if so how have you adjusted?

I am still going into to work every day, but how I do my job has completely changed. I decided early on in the pandemic to not let the stress of it get to me. I am always pushing myself to stay positive so my coworkers will do the same. Now have a cup of tea before work and after. It really helps me destress and relax. 



Thank you so much Kimberlie for answering all my questions. We loved hearing about your real passion for not just Tea Drops as a company but as a communitea as well. Truly, we are in agreement that having a communitea as loving and caring as Tea Drops can help get through all the hardships that the world has thrown our way. If you want to check out her TikTok videos and see her passion for the company and what she brings to the communitea follow the link below.