Get Glowin' Girl Cocktail

Get Glowin' Girl Cocktail

The perfect introduction to fall. With notes of summer and fall, you've got yourself the perfect cocktail to carry you from season to season! It's quick and easy with our functional Tea Sprinkles, so it's a nice cocktail to bring out if you're entertaining. Show everyone your bartending skills, don't be shy!

Here's what you'll need:

Ginger Ale


Orange wedge

GLOW Tea Sprinkles

Garnish of your choice




1. Fill glass with ice.

2. In a separate glass, dissolve a packet of Tea Sprinkles in 2 oz. hot water and stir.

3. Mix one shot (or desired amount) of vodka into Tea Sprinkles mixture and pour over ice in glass.

4. Top rest of the glass with Ginger Ale and squeeze orange wedge into cocktail.

5. Garnish and enjoy!